7 Unique Ideas For Affordable Thanksgiving Home Decorations

7 Unique Ideas For Affordable Thanksgiving Home Decorations
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    A proper Thanksgiving feast isn't just about the food; it's also about the atmosphere of your home.

    That comes down to your Thanksgiving home decor.


Thanksgiving is a special day in America, though some of us may forget why that is. It’s first and foremost a holiday that honors the history of America. And what better way to honor our heritage than to create a proper Thanksgiving feast?

But a proper Thanksgiving feast isn’t just about the food; it’s also about the atmosphere of your home. That comes down to your home decor for Thanksgiving.

In this article, we’re going to give you some quick, easy and affordable tips for setting up the perfect atmosphere for your Thanksgiving gathering.

  • Involve All The Senses

    This isn’t difficult when decorating for Thanksgiving. You’ll be using a variety of different colors (sight). You should also consider adding corn stalks in the yard or on the porch (smell). Perhaps you could also consider playing homemade family films for the family’s entertainment (sound).

  • Use Thanksgiving Home Decor Colors

    Colors that will set the mood for Thanksgiving include: red, brown, yellow, orange, even green and purple. Fortunately you can also carry over some of your decorations from Halloween, such as pumpkins, leaves and cornstalks. Also, a neat idea is to place two different pumpkin designs on the centerpiece table.

    Thanksgiving colors should definitely be used for your fabric centerpiece, table fabric, placemats, pillows, sofa, etc.

  • Flowers Are Important

    Thanksgiving is one of those Holiday’s where flowers play a big role. They’re a Thanksgiving symbol after all. You should fill your house with them. Also, consider picking fallen dried leaves from your area, and then make a unique decoration out of them!

  • Don’t Forget Lighting!

    Lighting is also very important for creating the perfect mood for Thanksgiving. Place candles in prominent places to reflect those Thanksgiving colors.

  • Basket Of Fruits And Vegetables

    This will be the perfect addition for the center of your family dining table.

  • Display Family Pictures In The Living Room

    Put them all on display in the living room, but be sure to put all your creativity into making an impressive picture display with a Thanksgiving theme.

  • Complete Your Thanksgiving Home Decor With A Wreath

    Your Thanksgiving Decor won’t be complete without one of these. Place it right at your doorstep. This will bring more warmth to visitors.

When you incorporate all of these ideas, you’ll be amazed at the results. But perhaps you’ll be more amazed at the cost effectiveness of it all. You’ll almost certainly spend less than what you expected to spend on Thanksgiving home decor.

It’s a great idea to decorate with your family (wife/husband, kids) to make the process even more enjoyable. Thanksgiving should be a family affair after all.

And finally, a side benefit of following these tips is that you might discover some hidden artistic talents. This is even more reason for decorating with your kids (if you have any); they might discover their love for creating art.

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