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Energy Savings

Eco-Friendly Upgrades That Increase the Value of Your Home

Renovating your home to be eco-friendlier adds value to your home and can be a less expensive venture than a large renovation project.

Renovation Designs

Home Remodeling – 5 Ways to Give Your Home a New Look

Home is a place of living where we all dwell and live. Changing the entire house or shifting to a new place is really very expensive and costly.

Energy Savings

Make Your Home Energy Efficient In 5 Simple Ways

Those who think a home is a sheer liability have never lived in an energy efficient home that can save hundreds of dollars in energy bills and regular maintenance. The purpose of an energy efficient home is to lower utility bills while ensuring a healthy living for the occupants.

Home Renovation

4 New Remodeling Trends That Help Maximize Your Home’s Value

Tweet Staying abreast with these market trends when you remodel will result in: a higher resale price, a more comfortable home, and energy efficiency. 1. Open Floor Plans With an

Energy Savings

Top 5 Energy Saving Tips and Strategies for Your Home This Summer

Tweet Summer is coming. The extra heat is going to put extra stress on your body and your wallet. But no worries, because we’ve got the best energy saving tips

Energy Savings

The Reason Your Clothes Dryer May Actually be Drying out Our World’s Hope for Sustainability

Do I miss the warmth, softness, and pleasant scent of my clothes? I certainly do not. In fact, these are not things you must forego when you decide to choose line over machine.


Understanding Attic Ventilation and its Benefits

Proper attic ventilation is the key to a durable and energy-efficient home. If you want to enjoy a comfortable living space, reduce your energy bill, and extend the life of your roof, your best bet will be at improving your attic ventilation.

Energy Savings

How to Make Your Home Renovation Project More Energy Efficient

When you make changes to your property, you want the end result to be as energy-efficient as possible.

Home Lighting

Why LED Lighting will Benefit Your Home

Most of us know that LED, or Light-Emitting Diode, lighting can reduce the usage of electricity to light up our environment. But, did you know that there are far more benefits of using LED lighting?

Energy Savings

4 Neglected Ways You Can Cut That Energy Bill

The energy bill is most homeowners’ largest bill, so if you want to save money, you will probably want to look for opportunities to lessen this bill. We all know about energy-efficient light bulbs and having the proper insulation in our homes, but there are many ideas you may not have thought of.

Heating and Cooling

5 Signs Your Furnace Is on the Fritz

You might not think about your furnace during the warm summer months, but don’t forget about your heating system completely. If you know your furnace needs some routine maintenance or repairs, don’t wait until the cold hits again to get it checked out.

Green Home

Cut the Energy Bill and Increase Home Value: 5 Projects to Accomplish by July

As the summer heat approaches, it’s time to get your home ready for it. The more you prepare, the more you can save on your cooling bills.

Energy Savings

6 Energy-Efficient Insulation Tips for this Winter

Tweet The pure bliss of sitting by the window with a steaming hot cuppa in hand and watching the first snowflakes of the season drifting down on to the driveway.

Doors and Windows

What You Need to Know About Replacement Windows

Question: when is it time to replace your windows? Answer: when your current windows are worn and your household energy bills are skyrocketing.