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Plumbing and Wiring

Drain Pains: Seven Steps for Unclogging Your Pipes

Outdoor living spaces can add more room to your home and help you enjoy the great outdoors in a variety of different ways.


5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Patio on a Budget

Outdoor living spaces can add more room to your home and help you enjoy the great outdoors in a variety of different ways.

Home Security

Five Home Additions to Discourage Theft and Vandalism

A house represents most people’s largest investment. Protecting it and the items inside should be of utmost importance to all homeowners.

Exterior Home

5 Home Repairs to Make before the Fall

Summer is the best time of year for family vacations, day trips, and hiking and camping. It’s also one of the best times to take care of home maintenance tasks, especially exterior repairs.

Home Furniture

How to Refinish Wood Furniture in Six Easy Steps

Refinishing a treasured piece of furniture is a labor of love. Revitalize antiques in just six easy steps and bring new life to an old piece of furniture.

Heating and Cooling

5 Signs Your Furnace Is on the Fritz

You might not think about your furnace during the warm summer months, but don’t forget about your heating system completely. If you know your furnace needs some routine maintenance or repairs, don’t wait until the cold hits again to get it checked out.

Home Inspections

New Home Nightmares: What to Check for Before the Move

Moving into a new home brings an incomparable sense of joy. However, it also brings with it a large amount of stress.

Home Renovation

Home Updates That Can Save You Money In The Long Run

Repairing or replacing something in your home might not be on your list of priorities because of the expense associated with doing so.


Not a Handyman? 7 Home Repairs to Leave to the Professionals

Home repair materials and instructions have never been more accessible. However, not every job can be handled by an untrained DIYer, no matter how enthusiastic they are.

Home Renovation

Six Projects to take Your Old Home from Falling Apart to Fully Functioning

Despite their inherent appeal and cachet, older homes inevitably need a lot of work to shine. The renovation process can take years and cost far more than you may have expected.

Home Buying-Home Selling

Six Things to Consider Before Buying a New Home

Buying a new home can be a very time consuming process. When looking to purchase a new home, the buyer must first decide which essentials are the most important.

Home Values

How to Maximize The Sale Value of Your Home

Selling your home is a big undertaking, but rest assured – that final auction result isn’t entirely out of your hands.

Home Renovation

Typical Steps for a Home Remodeling Project

So you have decided to make major changes in your home? This is an exciting time for any home owner but do you know where to start?

Home Interior Design

Je Ne Sais Quoi: How to Achieve a French Country Look in Your Home

“Je ne sais quoi” literally means “I know not what.” It’s used to describe a pleasing quality that cannot adequately be explained or defined.

Home Structure

5 Home Renovations You Want to Make Before this Fall

For many homeowners, tackling the to-do list is something that’s generally handled during warmer times of the year. This is especially true for outdoor projects where homeowners rely on comfortable temperatures to make working conditions tolerable.

Home Renovation

Prudent Renovations: 4 Remodelling Ideas for ‘Extra’ Market Value

Tweet Creating that ‘extra’ value for a residential property requires creativity, prudent decision-making and a willingness to spend where necessary. Budgeting an extensive home renovation could be costly, especially for

Home Structure

Steps Towards Modernity: Elevators and Modern Homes

Elevators inside the house? Sounds fairly far-fetched, and extremely pricy. Why would you need an elevator in the first place?


5 Ideas For Creating the Perfect Home Patio

A well-designed patio offers you the perfect place for fun and relaxation in the great outdoors. Although a plain slab of cement baking under the hot sun technically qualifies as a patio, it takes more than a flat surface to make the space inviting.

Heating and Cooling

Should I Repair or Replace my AC Unit? A Checklist…

There are certain signs that begin popping up whenever an AC unit is trying to let you know that it needs replacing. However, in many cases, all an AC unit needs is a repair rather than a total replacement.

Fences and Gates

Six Ways to Use Fencing to Improve the Value of Your Home

Fencing can be decorative, increase your home’s security, provide privacy and serve a practical purpose. These six types of popular fencing range from ornamental to useful and add value to your home.