4 New Remodeling Trends That Help Maximize Your Home’s Value

4 New Remodeling Trends That Help Maximize Your Home’s Value
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    Thinking about remodeling your home while getting the most bang for your buck?

    The housing market is constantly changing and the right remodeling job can be costly, so why spend money on improving your home to yesterday's standards?


Staying abreast with these market trends when you remodel will result in: a higher resale price, a more comfortable home, and energy efficiency.

1. Open Floor Plans

With an open floor you can integrate your kitchen, eating area, and living space into one large area. Not only does this give your home a much more spacious feel, it also allows for more social interaction. There’s no need to pause the conversation while going into another room with an open floor plan; keep your guest entertained.

Save money on lighting – when you have an open floor plan your rooms will seem to light themselves. There will be less walls to obstruct the sun’s natural light. Your line of sight will be unstoppable. Keep an eye on your kids, the soup, and the game all without moving a muscle.

2. Stand Alone Tube and Showers

Having a freestanding bath or shower can set your home apart from the other homes on the block. The area around and underneath your tub will create a look and feel of spaciousness. This elegant feature can create a perfect combination with any bathroom set.

3. Built in Coffee Center

A built in coffee maker can make a great addition to a home.With them there’s no need to sacrifice taste for time anymore. They’re great if you love coffee, but often find yourself in a rush in the mornings. While these appliances aren’t for every one’s budget, if you can afford it, it will be a great investment.

4. Energy Efficient Upgrades

When you remodel, consider making strategic energy efficient upgrades that will save your money and our environment.

  • Air sealing your home using high quality insulation and energy efficient windows will increase comfort and durability, while lowering maintenance cost and monthly bills.
  • Install high quality heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. They will make your home more comfortable, keep your bills low, and perform quietly.
  • The right water management systems can improve the durability of the foundation of your home, as well as improve the quality of the air indoors.
  • One way to improve your system is by installing moisture resistant barriers to keep ground water from affecting the foundation.
  • Lastly, energy efficient appliances will use less energy and last longer. Using Energy Star appliances is one way to maintain premium appliance quality, while remaining energy efficient.

Never miss a game with an open floor plan, be the envy of the neighborhood with a stand alone tub, and let’s save the environment one light bulb at a time! Remember these tips and trends when you remodel and optimize your home’s comfort,energy efficiency, and resale value.



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