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5 Reasons You Should Consider Loft Conversions

Does your home have an attic or loft that sits largely empty? Or maybe there are old relics and antiques that need to be cleared out once and for all.


Tips for Designing an In-Home Art Studio

Empty space isn’t always easy to come by in a home. Luckily, there are many different ways you can transform a spare room to maximize the available space in your home.


Creative Ways To Use An Attic Space

Many people look at home renovation as a chance to change the aesthetic of their homes.

And while that’s all well and good, it’s also important to think about the practicalities of home design.


Why an Attic Fan is Crucial for Your Home

Tweet Due to the changes in global climate, summers have been quite hot in recent years, making 80-90 degree summer days an almost permanent occurrence. The need for attic cooling

Attic Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Oct 23: Attic Stellar Room

Wouldn’t it be nice with the approaching cold air outside to spend time in a warm attic looking at the stars? It can be a nice retreat from the dull winter nights. And the sky can be really interesting for the cold winter months.


7 Tips for Turning Your Attic into a Living Space

Do you have an open, spacious and underutilized attic in your home that you’re itching to convert into a new living space? Perhaps you want to build an office or would like a reading den. Maybe it can be a game room for the kids.


Attic Restoration Process From Wildlife Invasion Damage

In the event that wildlife has occupied the attic of your house or in that case any building, having attic restoration is actually a priority in the process of wildlife control.


Home Improvement: How to Turn your Attic into a Living Space

Many homeowners are wanting to get more use out of their home by transforming their attic into a comfortable living space. Whether it be just a room to get away with friends, an office, or a craft room, remodeling your attic can add value to your home, and another room to use for whatever your needs are that your home currently isn’t giving you.


Attic Ventilation Solutions – Which one is Right for You?

Tweet There are many solutions available to create attic ventilation to your home. Doing research to know what will work best for you and your home is a good place


View the Night Sky From Your Very Own Stellar Attic Windows

There are only a couple of other activities you could do that inspire you as much as star gazing does. It really makes you wonder and question life, and the reasons why we’re here.


How and Why to get an Attic Window

Installing attic windows for night gazing is something more and more people seem to be taking up recently. These windows provide multiple benefits and can turn your attic from a storage space into a room you actually spend time in.


Understanding Attic Ventilation and its Benefits

Proper attic ventilation is the key to a durable and energy-efficient home. If you want to enjoy a comfortable living space, reduce your energy bill, and extend the life of your roof, your best bet will be at improving your attic ventilation.


Declutter and Remodel Your Attic

If you believe your current attic organization setup doesn’t get things done, then you will need to look for a better opportunity to make things work. You have to work on approaching the storage needs you already have so you can solve the issues ahead.


Make the Most of Your Attic

The attic is valuable space that can be converted into a home office, extra bed or guest room, reading room, or perhaps you personal stellar room. But most attics are used as the family “junk” room. Now what would you like to do with this valuable space?


When is it a Good Idea to Remodel the Attic?

It is a good idea to remodel your attic if it needs extra space or if you want to raise the value of your home.

Attic Basement

Improve Your House Value by Converting Basement or Attic Space

No house is perfect. Either it is too small or does not have that play area. Or perhaps you simply do not have that quiet corner where you can have your own office space.


How to Tell if Your Home Needs More Insulation (And What Kind)

Tweet However, in some cases, a home is insulated sufficiently already. This article will explore some of the ways to tell if you need to invest in an insulation upgrade,


Home Insulation Tools and Tips

Preparing your home for winter may mean different things for different folks. For some it means simply making sure that storm windows are in place or calling the HVAC company for an inspection.


Convert Your Attic Into a Stellar Room

A simple home improvement project provides entertainment for the entire family. You’ve taken your family to the planetarium and your children gaze upward in wonder at the starry firmament beamed across the ceiling.

Attic Home Interior

How to Renovate an Attic Bonus Room

Tweet Homeowners who are pressed for space, but not desiring to change the footprint or size of their home, should look up. As in their attic space. Most homes have