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Just Bath

Doing up the Look of Your Bathroom – 8 Cool Tips!

Tweet We often tend to ignore the bathrooms of our house. We believe that it is limited to just sleek faucets, framed mirrors and shiny tiles which is so not

Energy Savings

A look at Some Useful Energy Saving Tips

Tweet Homeowners have what it takes to save energy and money right in their own homes. Saving energy minimizes the nation’s overall demand for resources required to generate energy. Through

Garden Maintenance

Irrigation Made Easy – Automate Your Gardening

Tweet Is your home surrounded by vibrant plants? Do you love to garden? Are you like me, and love eating the fresh vegetables, seeing the flowers bloom, and smelling the

Driveways / Walkways

4 Crucial Things That You Should Know About Home Driveways Before Choosing One

Tweet If you are thinking of finding a home with a driveway the next time you purchase a property then you should know a few things about driveways. Also known

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Dec 27: Weekly Sunday Tip: Welcome 2016

Tweet Some Other 2016 Goals. How about remodeling or upgrading your home and/or garden? We can help. Start by going through our 6-step home remodeling plan. It outlines everything you

Home Lighting

Interior Lighting: How to Arrange It like a Pro

Tweet If used properly it emphasizes all positive interior design features and can be efficiently used to cover those less appealing. The best way to approach interior lighting is to

Home Buying-Home Selling

Six Must-Haves that Buyers are Looking for in Homes for Sale

Tweet If yes, their mood brightens and they’ve ready to look at the rest of the home. Here are six of the most desired, must-have features that homebuyers are looking

Heating and Cooling

How to do Air Conditioner Maintenance Work

Tweet Maintaining your air conditioner will not only save you money and energy but will also prolong its lifespan. A huge saving will be on the money saved on repair

Home Buying-Home Selling

Everything Tip You Need To Know About For First-Time Home Buyers

Tweet “Home is the starting place of dreams, hope and love” So true, I am sure you would have always dreamt for such home that satisfies your dream. However, the

Living/Family Room

5 Ways of Making Your Living Room Bigger

Tweet Let us face the fact that when you are awake, you spend the maximum time in your living room. This is where you bond with your family, spend quality

Home Maintenance

Must-Know Repair Tips for Living in an Older Apartment

Tweet Insulating an Apartment to Keep Out Drafts The caulking around an older apartment’s windows and doorways often will degrade and wear down, and if you don’t want to cope


Hiring a Draftsman for Your Home Remodeling Needs

Tweet Every homeowner would like to have the home of their dreams – but without building one from scratch with the plans drawn to your specifications, you may need to


Landscaping Tips for Dealing With Trees On Your Property

Tweet There are trees that you cannot afford to keep on your property for all sorts of reasons. There are those with nasty habits and others are just old and


Using Ceramic Tiles for Your Bathroom: The Pros and Cons

Tweet Everything you install in your home is an investment. You need it to last long and to serve you for a very long time. Tiling your shower stall makes

Green Home

4 Tips and Tricks to Creating a More Energy Efficient Home

Tweet While this is one strategy to take, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you may be able to save several hundred dollars per year or more on

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Dec 20: Weekly Sunday Tips for Your Kitchen

Tweet Do all your shopping on Sunday (or Saturday). Keep your Sunday as your shopping day. Buy all the groceries, fruits, vegetables, flowers, stationary, office supplies, stuff for project work

Home Maintenance

5 Household Eyesores Sure to Drive Down Your Home Value

Tweet Whether you’re putting your property on the market or not, you should keep an eye out for these eyesores and correct them. You’ll make your home more attractive and

Home Utility

Smart Interior Design Ideas for Those Living in Warm Climates

Tweet But you have to strike a balance between designing a stylish home and keeping your home cool when the weather is at its hottest. Once you understand this, you

Just Bath

What are Your Options for Shower Enclosures?

Tweet As you begin your search for a shower enclosure you’ll find that you have a lot of options to choose from. Showers are no longer just a boxy design

Pest Control

4 Climates Especially Prone to Home Pest Infiltration

Tweet No homeowner likes to share their cozy spaces with unwelcome pests. That unwanted pile of droppings in the pantry or the rustling in your walls fill many with dread.