4 Neglected Ways You Can Cut That Energy Bill

4 Neglected Ways You Can Cut That Energy Bill
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    The energy bill is most homeowners' largest bill, so if you want to save money, you will probably want to look for opportunities to lessen this bill.

    We all know about energy-efficient light bulbs and having the proper insulation in our homes, but there are many ideas you may not have thought of.


Are Your Electronics Really Turned Off?

Some electronics in your home continue to use energy when we think they aren’t. Some electronics remain in stand-by mode all of the time and never really turn off, while others have an “off” button, but continue to use energy for such tasks as maintaining an off light or keeping time. Unplug these items when not in use. If that is difficult, plug the item into a power strip for easier access.

Close the Gaps

You may ignore them, or you may not even see them, but chances are that small gaps around your doors and in your windows, baseboards, and foundation are letting the air conditioning and heat out of your home. These gaps can be filled with caulk or weatherstripping.

Energy-efficient Windows

Most of us accept our windows as a part of the home and forget about them, but they can play a large part in the energy-efficiency of your home. Windows conduct heat much like a pot on the stove, so they can allow hot and cold air to pass right through them. The glass in energy-efficient windows from places like All-West Glass Edmonton Ltd. has been made with a multi-glazing technique that reduces conductive properties. While these windows cost a little more, they will pay for themselves in only a few years.

Turn Down the Temperature on Your Hot Water Heater

When was the last time you thought about what temperature your hot water heater is set to? This one device is constantly maintaining the temperature of gallons of water, and that effort makes up a large part of your energy bill. You could turn it down, or have it turned down, to as low as 120 degrees Fahrenheit, probably have just as delightful of a shower or bath, and save 5 to 10 percent on your energy bill every month. Wrap a special hot water heater insulation blanket around it to save between $20 to $45 a year.

The windows, hot water heater, electronics, and small gaps in your home could be costing you a lot of money. Don’t forget about these opportunities to streamline your budget.



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