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Walls and Painting

Stylish Finishes for Wood in the Home

Wood is a beautiful material, but without some kind of finish it soon becomes grubby and stained. There are many different wood finishes to choose from, all of which enhance the natural grain and beauty of the wood.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Feb 28: Five Common Home Repairs You Don’t Want To Put Off

Homes are always in need of some type of maintenance or repairs. There is always something to do for the modern homeowner. Most of the minor tasks can be put off for a bit since they are not critical. There are certain repairs, however, that can never be ignored.

Energy Savings

6 Ways to Green your Outdoor Eco-Friendly Home

The needs for different and healthier ways of living are growing. Everyone wants to make the difference, have a better home for their family and help the environment, and there is no better way for that but to build your own green home.


Quick Checklist:     Spring Cleaning: Six Things To Do When The Weather Heats Up

After a long winter of snow and ice, the first warm day can bring a flurry of excitement.

Home Interior

Do It Yourself: Prepping For Your Next Home Improvement Project

Many of us have loads of home improvement ideas, but not the expensive costs that come with hiring a team of professionals to implement them. But what if you didn’t need to spend thousands on the pros?

Lawn Care

Guide to Lawn Care: Grass Planting and Maintenance

A healthy lawn is vital. Aside from curb appeal and adding value to property, it is actually better for health.


Quick Checklist:     Create a Drought-Tolerant Garden with These Techniques

One of the best techniques to protecting a lawn from severe drought is to create a beautiful drought-tolerant garden.

Kitchen and Dining

Why Should Mom/Dad Cook With Kids?

Tweet There is an unspoken bond between a mother/father and their children. Often a mom/dad expresses their deep love and affection for the children through the delicious dishes she or

Yard and Garden

Deciding on the Best Time to Trim Trees

Tweet Tree trimming helps form trees, preserve their beauty, and keep surrounding object safe from harm, but when is the best time to trim trees? Most of this question depends

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Feb 21: Not the Most Exiting Room in the House

Tweet Laundry – Utility – Mud Room In many new homes that are being constructed, architects are combining the laundry, utility, and mud room into one versatile room. First, it

Home Inspections

Things to Consider When Purchasing a House to Renovate

Whichever house you buy, you will always need to do at least some kind of renovation.

Home Renovation

5 Extreme Home Makeover Projects to Leave to the Pros

DIY (do-it-yourself) home makeover projects are certainly in vogue these days. This is mostly due to the ever-increasing amount of cable TV programs dedicated to such concepts.

Kitchen and Dining

Stylish Kitchen Tiling on a Budget

Tips for how to freshen up your kitchen with some stylish tiling choices that don’t cost the earth.

Laundry Room

Mud Room Storage Solutions for the Spring Months

There’s plenty to love about spring. Here in the dead of winter, it’s easy to wish for warmer weather, greener lawns, and blooming flowers.


How and Why to get an Attic Window

Installing attic windows for night gazing is something more and more people seem to be taking up recently. These windows provide multiple benefits and can turn your attic from a storage space into a room you actually spend time in.

Just Bedroom

Guest Room Remodeling Guidelines

Small spaces offer the greatest challenges when it comes to decorations and bedrooms in general. Undersized bedrooms will make places seem cluttered and very unappealing if they are not handled right.


Five Tips and Tricks for Your Most Successful Spring Cleaning Yet

It’s coming up to that time of year again, the illusive spring cleaning time. Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, and it’s not uncommon to give up before you even start.

Home Interior Design

Make Your Kids Room Utilitarian Too

After a certain age, kids do not play with their stuffed toys. But they are not keen to dispose of them either.

Home Construction

The Top Ten Things you Need to Know About Building a New Home

For some, home ownership is the epitome of the American dream, but for others, this hope extends a step further.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Feb 14: Happy Valentines (by Traveling)

Tweet Escapes You Can Afford on a Budget Although the ultimate place could end with you and your spouse jet-setting off to an exotic beach on the opposite side of