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Mistakes You May Make When You Hire A Contractor

Hiring a contractor is almost never as easy as you are tempted to believe at first glance. It is really important that you make a good choice.

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Home Improvement Fraud: What is It?

Just as there are millions of homeowners satisfied with their home improvement projects, there are also thousands of consumers who are unhappy with their own.

Home Interior

Looking Ahead: Home Improvement Ideas for the New Year

Tweet Perhaps there are a few personal projects that were left undone, including some things you wanted to get done around the house. Or, maybe there are certain projects you

Home Interior

How to Survive Your Home Renovation Project

Tweet Next up is for you and your family to pack up, leave the home and stay out until the work is done. If all goes according to plan, you


Interior Decorator: Hire One or Not?

You are planning a major makeover for the inside of your home, a sizable investment that you hope will yield a more cozier living environment.

Home Interior

Home Additions: Build Up or Out?

You plan to expand your home. That is a good decision especially if you enjoy where you live and simply want to make your residence more livable and worth more.

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Speedy Renovations Can Equal Shoddy Work

Your home renovation plans have been brimming below the surface and suddenly you can think of a good reason to get this job done now: you’ll be entertaining for the holidays.

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7 Renovating Mistakes That Can Sink Your Project

A renovation project can be an enjoyable process, one that yields a home that is updated, stylish and meets your requirements. That’s the best case scenario, however just one mistake can sink your project. Let’s take a look at seven renovating mistakes and how these can be avoided.

Home Renovation

Renovate Now or After the Holidays?

Tweet ‘Tis the season to do a home improvement project. With Thanksgiving upon us and the holiday season set to start, this can seem like the worst possible time of

Financing Home Financing

7 Steps to a Home Improvement Loan

Tweet Financial steps to securing a home loan. Is your home in need of a makeover? Will you bear these costs out of pocket or will you need to seek

Heating and Cooling

How to Lower Your Electrical Bill

Tweet As you plan your home renovation project, you may be concerned that any expansion of your home’s square footage will present a corresponding increase in electrical costs. These concerns


How to Avoid Summer Home Improvement Scams

Tweet Be watchful or get ripped off! By John Smith During the warm summer months, many homeowners will take the time to work on various home improvement projects. This is

Home Renovation

Is Your Home Renovation Project a Disaster in the Making?

Tweet Let’s examine some of the key planning points as you consider your home improvement project, alerting you to possible problems that may arise and how to handle each one:

Home Renovation

How to Keep Your Renovation Project on Target

Tweet 1. Plan to succeed – No one plans to fail, but you aren’t planning to succeed if your project hasn’t been clearly defined. This means making use of design

Home Renovation

Home Renovation Horror Stories: Strange, But True

Tweet Before you begin that next home improvement project…. Taking on a home renovation project is a huge endeavor, one that some homeowners may wish they’d never pursued. Kitchen projects

Home Renovation

What Everyone Should Know Before Renovating a Home

Tweet Certainly, your goal may be to simply enjoy the new benefit of having a finished basement and you aren’t worried about whether you’ll ever see a return on your