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Yard and Garden

How to Get Your Lawn & Garden Ready for Fall

Tweet With summer now behind us, fall is the perfect time of the year to prepare your lawn and garden for the cooler months ahead. This means taking some steps

Outdoor Structures

How to Prepare Your Shed for Winter

Tweet Avoid a winter collapse of your outdoor shed. Your shed doesn’t have to be prepared for winter, right? Think again. Structurally, your shed may seem okay, but there could

Garden Plants

DIY – Planting Trees

Tweet No need to hire a landscaper to truly transform your yard, why not try it yourself? Trees make your yard look its best and accent the rest of your


How to Prepare Your Garage for Winter

Tweet The change in temperatures is so very welcome, allowing people who have had to limit their outdoor activities to enjoy more time outside. Attached Garage If your home has

Outdoor Structures

How to Prepare Your Pool for Winter

Tweet Summer is over and pool winterizing remains. Colder temperatures signal seasonal change and if you own an outdoor in-ground swimming pool, you will soon need to winterize it. If

Kitchen and Dining

Reface Kitchen Cabinets for a Fresh, New Look

Tweet You can shave thousands of dollars off of your costs by keeping your current cabinets and resurfacing the faces. Moreover, cabinet refacing may be something you can handle yourself,


Home Mortgage Rates Near 60 Year Low

Tweet Buying a home now could save you thousands. The interest rate on 30-year home mortgages continues to drop, falling to an average of 4.32 percent according to [1]

Home Financing

Home Renovation Refinancing Options

Tweet Home Renovation Refinancing Options Are you looking to renovate your home so that you can prepare for a new family member? Perhaps you are dreaming of a new home

Kitchen and Dining

New Counter Tops? It Isn’t Just Granite.

Tweet Granite is, of course, the top choice when it comes to counter top renovations, but is not the only choice. Let’s look at some counter top choices for your

Home Financing

An Overview of Loan Modification Program

Tweet It is often seen that borrowers are not able to cope with the terms and conditions of the existing loan. Considering the inability of the borrowers to repay the

Heating and Cooling

How to Lower Your Electrical Bill

Tweet As you plan your home renovation project, you may be concerned that any expansion of your home’s square footage will present a corresponding increase in electrical costs. These concerns


Install a Gas Fireplace for Beauty & Warmth

Tweet Is it time for you to convert your wood fireplace? As summer ebbs and the first few cool mornings of the season begin to show up, thoughts about your

Garden Furniture

Outdoor Hammocks

Tweet Not only that but it is important to find one that works best for your yard as well. Here are a few top choices for hammocks. The Jumbo Hanging

Green Home

Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Tweet By Alex Levin Green housing has become a hot topic recently. As gas prices continue to increase, the efficiency of electric cars have quickly morphed from simple want to

Home Interior Design

How to Design a Seaside Cottage

Tweet Interior walls should be muted in soft shades of white, cream or pale blue for a relaxing and peaceful ambience, and a taste of the sea can be added

Home Theater

Eating Healthy While at the Movies

Tweet By Alex Levin Whether you go to the movies or watch movies in your home theater, the following advice is certainly appropriate as you enjoy your favorite flicks. Studies

Kitchen and Dining

9 Easy Steps to a More Organized Kitchen

Tweet By Alex Levin Whether you’re an amateur gourmet chef or you and your family like to grab meals on your way out the door, an organized kitchen is essential.

Home Lighting

Lighting: Planning Ahead

Tweet A lighting plan is best designed when the fixtures are selected well so they not recognized as being out of place, but allow the light to do the work

Basement Home Theater

Smart Tips for Your Basement Home Theater

Tweet One area of your home that may be suitable for setting up a dedicated home theater is your basement. This area of your home may already be used as