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Home Renovation

Is Your Home Renovation Project a Disaster in the Making?

Tweet Let’s examine some of the key planning points as you consider your home improvement project, alerting you to possible problems that may arise and how to handle each one:

Exterior Home

Spotting Subsidence and Taking the Appropriate Action

Tweet The downward movement of the ground beneath a building is called subsidence. It is potentially caused by a number of different factors, though some are more common than others,

Home Renovation

4 Upcoming Trends in Home Improvement

Tweet While kitchen and bath renovations are certainly worth your consideration, these rooms aren’t the only areas in your home, inside and out, which deserve your attention. Given that people

Home Renovation

How to Keep Your Renovation Project on Target

Tweet 1. Plan to succeed – No one plans to fail, but you aren’t planning to succeed if your project hasn’t been clearly defined. This means making use of design


Art Studio Room in the Attic

Tweet What To Do with Your Attic Space The attic is a largely neglected space. The majority of homeowners fill their attics with junk that can either be tossed or

Home Buying-Selling

Can You Justify the Purchase of a Foreclosure?

Tweet New home shoppers these days are being enticed by homes that are priced much lower than they were two, three and even five years ago or longer. The housing

Home Financing

No Closing Cost Refi? Yes, They’re Still Around

If you’re considering taking on a home improvement project, one way you can fund the work is to refinance your current mortgage.


Sizzling Secrets of the Home Improvement Industry

Tweet Like any profession, there is a certain way that contractors work, but you may never discover what these are apart from due diligence on your part. We’ve done some

Garden Plants

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Yard

Tweet You can beautify your property on a budget. Yard projects can get expensive, even more so if you have to lay down sod, plant shrubbery or apply fertilizer. Watering

Home Renovation

Why Homeowners Should Put Fear Away & Renovate Now

Tweet Watch the national news for 15 minutes at a time and you’ll be calling your doctor to up your meds. The news is depressing, distressing and downright disheartening. The

Home Financing

4 Timely Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Tweet As the summer months progress, the housing market will continue to gyrate, with some markets seeing continued price erosion while others may begin to stabilize. Clearly, it is a

Closet Systems

How to Seasonally Switch Over Your Closet

Tweet If you have a smaller space to store clothes usually then the task isn’t too overwhelming. But in the end, it really doesn’t matter if your storage space is


Do I Need Homeowners Insurance?

Tweet You’ve just received your homeowners insurance bill and your premium went up. Again. After 15 years of making payments and sending out thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money,

Home Financing

The Truth About Staying in Your Home Mortgage Free

Tweet You say that there isn’t anything in life that is free? Well, for millions of American homeowners, living in a home may be about the closest thing to a

Home Renovation

Home Renovation Horror Stories: Strange, But True

Tweet Before you begin that next home improvement project…. Taking on a home renovation project is a huge endeavor, one that some homeowners may wish they’d never pursued. Kitchen projects

Green Home

5 Green Home Renovation Tips

Tweet You can make your home more energy efficient. Defining Green Technology To be sure, “green” terminology has been overused, so much so that some companies take advantage of consumer


Design Ideas for an Unfinished Basement

Tweet There are many designs that would turn your unfinished basement into a new and exciting room in your house. A “Real” Entertainment Room Do you enjoy going to the

Home Storage

Should You Expand Your Home or Rent a Storage Unit?

Tweet Finding places to put everything you own. American homeowners, looking for more room, can expand their houses to provide what they need including more storage space. For some people,

Home Values

The Truth About Your Local Housing Market

Tweet Nationally, the housing market continues to show signs of further retreat as home prices slide and as additional homeowners find themselves owing more on their homes than what they’re

Energy Savings

How to Keep Your Home Cool Without Going Broke

Tweet Stay cool all summer long. Utility bills in the winter and summer are at its highest whenever weather extremes hit. When it is too cold, you’ll be turning up