Interior Decorator: Hire One or Not?

Interior Decorator: Hire One or Not?
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    You are planning a major makeover for the inside of your home, a sizable investment that you hope will yield a more cozier living environment.


This is a job that you can do yourself, but you also know that it might best be one that is left to a professional. Yes, hiring an interior decorator may be the best approach — read on for some reasons why you should consider hiring one.

Interior Decorator Attributes

1. Professional Evaluation. An interior decorator (also known as a home interior contractor) has an eye for design. This may seem like a simple statement, but it is a true one nonetheless. You are hiring a professional that knows how to work with what you give her and can transform that environment into a work of art.

2. Money Savings. Chances are great that you will be experimenting when decorating your home yourself. Chances are that these “experiments” will cost you time and money, especially as you realize that not every change you make is to your liking. An interior decorator can help you cut to the chase, guiding you as choose the look that is right for you. You will pay for this person’s professional advice, but you may save more money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes.

3. Professional Planning. Money is always a huge factor when undertaking any type of upgrade. To give your home the look you want, you will pay handsomely for the update. Your interior decorator knows how to plan and how to make your project work with the least amount of convenience. In some cases she may be able to help you avoid leaving your home while the work is underway or at least shorten that process considerably. She can help your project stay on course and within your budget.

4. Team Member. Your interior decorator is part of your team, an individual that knows how to pull everything together. She can work with contractors and retailers, using her influence to negotiate prices and track down those hard-to-find items. When you hit a bump in the road — and you will experience many — your professional will go to bat on your behalf. You can stay busy with other things as your decorate gets busy on your behalf.

5. Home Value. No design should be undertaken unless it adds value to the home. You may not be planning to sell your home right now, but you may down the road. Your interior decorator can ensure that your home receives value enhancing updates and gains the visual appeal that any home shopper will want. If you are planning to sell, your designer can also stage your home for maximum appeal.

6. Trend Setter. What’s new, exciting and different in interior design? That would be almost anything. Today’s home designs reflect the personality of the owner and should tell a story. For instance, if a shore theme is to your liking, your designer can help convey that mood without overwhelming your home. Strike a balance between the whimsical and the practical by employing techniques that only a professional can impart.

Home Decorator Considerations

Always seek out an interior designer that comes recommended. Your friends and neighbors are a good place to start, people that have used a decorator and were satisfied with her work. A real estate friend can also refer you, tapping his pool of contacts to send recommendations your way. Always check references and only agree to work with someone who will work with you. You will pay handsomely for the designer’s services, an investment that can reap pleasing and long lasting dividends.

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