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How To Use A Home Equity Line Of Credit For a Home Addition and Build Value

A home equity line of credit is also known as a HELOC. With this type of loan, your home equity acts as security. The loan may be payable monthly for a set period.

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Sunday Morning Tip for September 06: How to Best Finance Your Home Remodel in 2020

The idea of renovating one’s home is typically an exciting one. Whether it’s a DIY project or a serious renovation, redesigning your home can change your house in a big way.

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Sunday Morning Tip for July 14: Want to Remodel Your Home? 3 Tips for Finding the Financing to Make It Happen

At some point, you may find that the home that seemed perfect many years ago simply doesn’t meet your needs anymore. Therefore, it may be necessary to spend money upgrading the kitchen, finishing the basement or adding a garage.

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How a 203(k) Will Help You Make Your Home Perfect

You have found the perfect house. Well, in reality, it needs quite a bit of work. The kitchen, for example, is stuck in 1986. How can you find the money to make your home perfect?

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Home Improvement Made Convenient With the Home Equity Credit Line

Home equity is usually viewed as the difference between the market value of your home and the debts pending on the house in question. It can be set up as a line of credit which will provide you with a source of funds that you can tap into when need be.

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4 Tips for Finding the Right Home Loan

Purchasing a home can be an exciting and fun experience. However, finding the ideal property is just one of several steps in the process.

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Invest in Your Home: 4 Ways to Fund Your Major Home Renovations

When you purchase a home, you commit yourself to creating a habitat that is solely your own. Everything you do, plan, and invest involving your home should contribute towards the overall value of it.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Rent to Own Mortgage

So you have been working at a stable job for a few years and now you saved up some money for a home. You still don’t have enough for a down payment but you’re considering renting to own.

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Using a Reverse Mortgage to Improve Your Home

As a home owner, there are plenty of things you can do with your home’s equity. And depending on how much you have, you can tap into this equity without selling the home, and receive cash for just about any purpose.

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Documents to Gather For Refinancing Your Home

It is time to refinance your home, what will allow you to lock in a lower rate or opt for a variable interest rate loan that could save you money. Or, you may be looking at the equity in your home and have decided to tap it to make repairs, finish a room, or pay down your debt.

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Prepay Your Mortgage and Own Your Home Sooner

Tweet A mortgage means that someone else has a stake in your home with you holding the remaining stake. You’re only a partial homeowner until that mortgage is paid off,

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What You Need to Know About Zero Down Payment Loans

Tweet Prior to the Great Recession zero down payment home loans or mortgages were available, what helped many consumers attain homeownership, people who would might otherwise have been shut out

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Renovation Loan? Fix Your Credit Score First.

Tweet That three-digit score is used by lenders to help determine whether you’ll qualify for a renovation loan and for what terms, namely at what interest rate. A low credit

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Consumer Satisfaction With Mortgage Lenders Continues to Rise

Tweet A recently released J.D. Power 2013 U.S. Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study reveals that first-time homeowners are increasingly satisfied with their experience. JD Power scored lenders based on a

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Home Renovation Mortgage Considerations

Tweet HomePath Financing Qualifications To qualify for HomePath financing, you must shop for Fannie Mae-owned properties. If you qualify you’ll be entitled to a low down payment, avoid mortgage insurance,

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How to Get Ready to Jump Back in to the Real Estate Market

Tweet Whether you plan to buy or sell a home, the following advice can help you to get ready. Review Your Credit If you plan to buy a home, your

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How to Get Out of Home Refinancing Debt

Your home improvement project was a spectacular success, enabling you to complete your update with time and money to spare. Your modified home is a delight, promising to give you years of satisfaction.

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Cautions About Taking a Reverse Mortgage

When it comes to reverse mortgages, reading the contract’s fine print is important.

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Why Getting a Second Mortgage is More Difficult

You have owned your home for several years and have seen it appreciate in value. After five or more years of mortgage payments, you’ve also seen your mortgage pay off amount drop.

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What is a Mortgage Hardship Program?

If you are finding it difficult to make your mortgage payments, you may qualify for a mortgage hardship program from your lender.