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Things to Keep in Mind When Installing Air Conditioning in a Remodeled Home

Adding air conditioning to your home can increase the livability of it during the summer months. If your home is remodeled, though, installing AC can present a series of challenges.

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Sunday Morning Tip for Jun 03: Moving Tips for People Who Are Moving Locally

A plumbing emergency is something that is terrifying if you think about it. The water rushes every which way and you know that there is going to be disaster in the house if you don’t call someone and…now.

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Sunday Morning Tip for May 27: Before Turning on the Air Conditioning This Summer

There is so much that can be done to make sure that you have a cool summer that is not full of mishaps and discomfort. That is why you need to look at some of the inner workings of the machine to make sure that you know what does what. That is how you will make it work.

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Easy, Breezy Ways To Cool Down A Room

The easiest way to cool down a room is to use air conditioning. An air conditioner can be central, which cools down all or at least most of the rooms in the house, or it can be a room unit.

Heating and Cooling

HVAC Monday: 4 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Get a New HVAC System

Keeping a HVAC system well-maintained and in full repair will extend its life and ensure more reliable service, but no system will last forever.


Why an Attic Fan is Crucial for Your Home

Tweet Due to the changes in global climate, summers have been quite hot in recent years, making 80-90 degree summer days an almost permanent occurrence. The need for attic cooling

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How Hiring The Professionals For Air Conditioning Installation Are Beneficial?

Tweet Though there are lots of crucial aspects related to the AC but installation is important of all. No matter what kind of air conditioner you purchase, whether it is

Heating and Cooling

How to Choose Best Air Conditioners for Your Dream Home

Tweet Picking the best air conditioners for your home There are different kinds of air conditioners available in the market: air cooling • air quality • fans • hvac controls

Heating and Cooling

An Invention That Changed the World

Can you imagine going through an entire summer without the comfort of a cool, air-conditioned room? For many of us, the answer is a big, resounding no.

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Smart Interior Design Ideas for Those Living in Warm Climates

When you live in a warm location your interior design requirements are a lot different to those in other places. This can come as a shock to homeowners, especially if you’re used to living in cooler surroundings. However, many of the challenges are the same.

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Top to Bottom Cooling: Using Your Whole House for Efficient Air Conditioning

We all know that the old AC should get a good tuneup now and then, but what else can you do inside and out to help your home’s HVAC operate more efficiently and effectively? Here are some ideas you might not have thought of.

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Replacing That Leaky, Clunky Old AC: What Homeowners Need to Know

Don’t automatically rush out and buy the cheapest unit you can find. All A/C units have a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) associated with them.

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Summer Prep: How to Get Your Home Ready for the Heat

Summer heat is just around the corner and it can catch you unprepared if you are not diligent in your preparation. Start by preparing your home for the summer now so you can just enjoy the warm weather when it arrives in your area.

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How to Prepare Your Home AC for the Warm Months

During the warm months of the year, you, like many people, depend upon your home AC to keep your home cool. There are a few things that you can do to help your AC function efficiently before the warm months set in.

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How to Reduce the Cooling Load of the Home

Tweet Efficient temperature control is important for anyone who is living in a climate that experiences both ends of the temperature spectrum. During the winter time you will want to

Heating and Cooling

7 Smart Ways to Keep Your House Cool

Invariably, the first heat wave of the season will hit and mostly everyone you know will be taken by surprise. But not you.

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House Hunting Deals Destined for Doom

You’re shopping for a new home and have surveyed the market. Prices are good, you are approved for a mortgage and it just a matter of time before you find the home of your dreams.

Energy Savings

How to Keep Your Home Cool Without Going Broke

Tweet Stay cool all summer long. Utility bills in the winter and summer are at its highest whenever weather extremes hit. When it is too cold, you’ll be turning up

Heating and Cooling

Home Weatherproofing is Not Just for Winter

Tweet Springtime invites thoughts of gardening, lawn renewal and garage sales, but it doesn’t necessarily bring “weatherproofing” to the mind of most homeowners. After all, sealing windows and doors is