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Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for May 31: Home Utility Room

Tweet We hope your enjoyed this weekly tip. Perhaps you have something to share having a dedicated utility room for laundry, home networks, home security, storage and more. We invite

Yard and Garden

How to Start Your Own Garden in Your Back Yard

Tweet Families are able to share their effort and spend a lot of time together making it more fun. You will be surprised at how much interest you and your

Kitchen and Dining

A Guide to Innovative and Modern Kitchen Wall Decor

Tweet This doesn’t mean that the walls of your kitchen should be just functional and boring – in fact, it’s the kitchen walls that offer you most opportunities for creative

Kitchen and Dining

Small Kitchen Design – How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Like a Bigger One

Tweet How can you squeeze as much functionality as you can out of a small kitchen space? Here are a few effective tips you can try: Tip #1: Choose the

Home Interior

5 Home Improvement Projects for Your Man this Summer

Tweet While most people are completely capable of doing this with a few tools and the right building materials, the problem is deciding where to start. There’s so many little

Heating and Cooling

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Floor Standing Aircon Unit

Tweet Choosing Between Floor Standing aircon and Windowed aircon Both of these types of heating and ventilation systems have different advantages and disadvantages when it comes to cost, convenience, and


How to Prep the Patio for Summer

Tweet Luckily, there is still time to get the patio ready for the season. These simple ideas can help anyone make the best use of their outdoor area and enjoy


Front Porch Design Styles: Creating Your Special Haven

Tweet Choosing the right porch design Following are the three most common porch design styles and who usually prefers them. Country porches are for those with a nice country view

Home Structure

Simple Steps to Make Your House Disability Friendly

Tweet Fortunately, there are several measures you can take in order to make your house disability friendly – here are 5 key steps to revamping your home and making it

Home Storage

5 Tips To Help You Overcome The Home Storage War In Your Bedroom

Tweet A few tweaks to the general traditions and figuring out what really works for you in the space of your bedroom, and you will have the perfect solution to

Heating and Cooling

How to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

Tweet The standard water heater has the potential to last up to 12 years. The vast majority of water heater tanks are steel lined with porcelain and glass, which creates

Nursery Room

Unique Themes for Your Newborn Girl’s Nursery

Tweet Here are some unique themes you can use for the girl’s nursery. Animals in the Forest One idea is to have a forest-themed newborn girl’s nursery. Purchase a crib

Green Home

Building An Eco-Friendly Home: Six Tips To Stay Green With Your New Home

Tweet 1. Build Around Flora Purchasing and planting new trees is an expensive proposition, but those that are building their home from scratch can utilize adult trees that are already

Home Renovation

Remodeling and Rebuilding Old Homes: What to Expect

Tweet Unfortunately, older homes were all built before the modern technology we love so much today took over everything. This makes marrying our love of all things electric and green-powered

Closet Systems

DIY Closet System for Cost Effective Storage

Tweet Tools Needed Some of the tools needed for this project are an electronic stud finder, a tape measure, a level, a power drill and a hacksaw. The first thing

Home Interior

8 Interior Design Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Tweet Benjamin Moore Color Capture App This app, developed by a successful paint company, helps you collect and categorise colour inspirations from the outside world. If you’re nuts about the

Fences and Gates

DIY Garden Fence Building: 15 Steps

Tweet Before you get started, you’ll need to make sure that the boundary for your dream fence doesn’t intrude on your neighbor’s property. Check your title deeds, then get the


How to Choose Lawn-Friendly Trees for Your Yard

Tweet Did you know that there are trees that could harm your entire lawn? Some of them require spending too much time, water and food, the others have huge surface

Home Lighting

Make Your Home Shine With the Right Lighting

Tweet Entry way Imagine that you are entering a stranger’s house for the first time, and the hallway is dark, dim and unwelcoming. Creepy. You want the opposite of this:


5 Inspirational Ideas for Your Study Space

Tweet It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a separate room for setting up your study, or you’re just transforming a corner of your house into a space dedicated to work