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Home Repairs

Is Your Home in a Flood Zone? Here’s What You Can Do

If you live in a flood zone, you know how frustrating it can be. Every time the heavy rains come, flash flooding hits, a hurricane strikes, or the winter snows melt down, you dread the rising water levels and prospective damage to your home.


Six Reasons Your Home May Not Be As Safe As You Think And What To Do

Homeowners like to their that their house is their safe haven and a place where they can relax and be completely comfortable. When you know what’s in your home, it’s easy to think that everything is safe and that you are not in potential danger.

News Releases

Quick Remodeling Tip: The Importance of Supplies

When you first start your business project, you need to make sure that you have everything you need on-hand. Not having the right tools and equipment can slow your project greatly.

Home Interior Design

5 Steps to Applying Feng Shui to Any Room in Your Home

Feng shui involves arranging items in the home in ways that allow for the flow of positive energy.

Home Renovation

Back to Basics: 6 Helpful Remodeling Tips That Are Often Ignored

Whether you want to give your home an updated appearance or add some much needed pizzazz, simple renovations can liven up your living space.

Home Safety

What To Do If You Experience These Five Home Emergencies

No homeowner wants to have their day ruined by an emergency situation that they didn’t see coming.


How Does Moisture Control in Your Home Save You Money?

Every year, homes in the U.S face moisture problems that eventually make them wipe the green off their pockets if they don’t take immediate action.


How to Restore Your Victorian Home’s Hardwood Floors

One of the biggest selling points of a historic home, particularly one of the Victorian era, is the original flooring. The rich wood, often handcrafted, is unique and adds distinct beauty to the house.

Home Furniture

5 Awesome Ways to Design Your Living Room

From movie night parties to family time, the living room is a popular place for all types of gatherings.

Kitchen and Dining

Kooky Kitchens: The Most Surprising Designs We’ve Seen

When we think of the most surprising room in the house, we rarely say our kitchen. Why is that?

Home Buying-Home Selling

A Guide To Downsizing Your Home The Easy Way

Downsizing a home is something that most people will do at least a few times in their lives. Moving to a new home or consolidating two separate residences will mean cleaning out a house to the bare essentials.

Bed and Bath

5 Tips to Choose the Right Extractor Fan for Your Bathroom

The right extractor fan can surely make a huge difference to your bathroom conditions on a daily basis and also in the long run. Apart from keeping your bathroom fresh, extractor fans also preserve the fixtures and fitting along with protecting your walls from dampness.

Home Renovation

Four Tips for a Smooth Home Remodel

It’s commonly known throughout the real estate profession that spring and summer are the best months for selling. That means that many homeowners are looking to renovate and prepare their homes to be sold at a premium price.

Home Furniture

Contemporary Cat Furniture for Your Beloved Pets

Your cat is not just a pet, but a part of your family. In turn, your cat should be treated as such. This includes their comfort, food choices and even the bedding and furniture in which they sleep and play.

Home Renovation

Four Tips for Ideal First Impressions from Your Room Addition or Remodel

When you invest in a remodel or in adding a new room to your house, you want it to become an asset to the home. It should complement the structure and be a source of pride for you. It can also be a great asset to increase the value of the home both aesthetically and financially.

Home Renovation

Job Well Done: How To Go About Do It Yourself Construction

Home renovations or new building projects can become quite expensive quick. The best way to save a few dollars here and there with construction projects is to go about these projects in the do it yourself manner.


Deep Cleaning: 5 Places in Your Home That Harbor Germs and Bacteria

Household germs lurk everywhere, and in order to stay healthy, you need to know where they hide and how to prevent them from spreading.

Home Repairs

New Home Blues: Six Unexpected Scenarios and How to Fix Them

After you purchase a new home, you may find it is not the happy home you envisioned. Appliances may fail, a mouse might run by your feet, and your lawn might not be as beautiful as you envisioned.

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Tips for 2014 – Avoiding the Big Ticket Expenditures

April is here, and many of us might have already started dreaming about spring and summer. Whatever said and done, most of us tend to hate winter because of the woes that it brings along.

Home Renovation

Modern Sandblasting: Understanding How it Works

If you want to clean the brickwork on your property and bring it back to its original colour or need some industrial equipment cleaning to a very high standard, then you need sandblasting.