Summer Prep: How to Get Your Home Ready for the Heat

Summer Prep: How to Get Your Home Ready for the Heat
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    Summer heat is just around the corner and it can catch you unprepared if you are not diligent in your preparation.

    Start by preparing your home for the summer now so you can just enjoy the warm weather when it arrives in your area.


You will prevent expensive issues from occurring this way. The summer prep for your home is not that complicated or even very expensive to perform in the right manner. Just follow the list below, and you will see for yourself!

Check Screens for Damage

Ensure your screens on your windows and doors are free of damage. After all, you will want to open both more often throughout the warm weather than you did in the winter. You will not want insects to be able to enter your house through holes in the screens. Making sure they are all in good order will take no time at all.

Add an Attic Fan/Vents

It may seem a little counter-intuitive to put insulation in the attic and then install fans or vents to help circulate the outside air but there is a reason for this madness. Letting the hot air out of your attic will keep the house cooler. In addition, your air conditioning will need to run less, and this will reduce your electric bill. If you do not have an attic fan, consider installing one.

Place Blinds or Drapes on Windows

Install blinds or hang drapes on all the windows for a cooler summer months. In the summer, you will want to block out the hot, afternoon sun from your rooms to keep these areas cooler. This is a low cost and surprisingly effective way to keep your home cool.

Stop Air Leaks

Plug all air leaks in your house. You want to keep the cool air from the AC system in your house where it belongs. Add weather stripping around the windows and doors to help accomplish this task. You also need to examine the house for cracks, holes and other types of openings that could let the cool air outside. Through this, you will increase the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Remove Debris and Call an AC Professional

Remove all debris from around your AC’s condenser unit that is outside. Air needs to flow freely around and through this unit. You also should call professionals to come out and inspect not only this unit, but also the blower that is inside your home. Professionals from Childers Enterprises Inc will check the coolant levels and if any leaks are present. On top of this, they will check if the filters need changing, if the blower is working correctly, and all other parts of your system to ensure that it will keep your house at a comfortable temperature all summer long.

Preparing your house for the summer in the above manner will ensure your enjoyment and comfort during the hot weather. The last item on our list is probably the most important step, but all of the tips have their own unique purpose. You want to be able to relax during the summer without worrying that your house is in less than desirable condition.



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