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Yard and Garden

How to Turn Your Yard into an Awe-Inspiring Paradise

There is nothing more relaxing than being able to sit on your porch with a cold glass of iced tea after a long day of work. However, that can only become a reality if your yard is properly maintained and taken care of.


Where to Focus When Updating a Home Before Selling

You find out you’re pregnant, so it’s time to move out of that “starter home” and find a bigger place. Maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum and you find yourselves “empty nesters,” so it’s time to downsize a bit.

Home Renovation

8 Great Ways to Save on Your Home Renovations

So you want to switch up the look, feel, or functionality of your home but aren’t sure you can afford to. You’ve likely seen enough home improvement shows to know that renovations require a lot of time, effort, and of course – money.

Home Furniture

Custom Wood Furniture Fits Any Aesthetic

It is not uncommon to see people investing in expensive hi-fi systems and other electronic equipment in a bid to enhance their home’s elegance.

Home Interior Design

Home Decor Basics and Tips for Using Home Storage Units

While some homeowners believe that interior decor is a costly undertaking, the reality is that effective decorating is a worthwhile investment that yields returns.

Renovation Designs

A Look at Top Renovations for 2016

Creating unique home designs that fit homeowners’ lifestyles is now a major game changer in the home renovation industry. A lot more personalization is being observed in houses in areas that were not custom made traditionally.

Pest Control

Weekly Tip for June 26: Four Pests You Never Want to See Invading Your Home

Tweet That’s why it is important to get rid of them as soon as you realize there is a potential problem. 1. Termites Termites can cause some serious damage to

General News

Rescuing a Distressed Home: Top Tips for Revealing the Beauty Beneath

One of the most rewarding things about real estate investing is that there are so many ways to make money in it.


Quick Checklist:     Packing Like a Pro – How to Make the Moving Process Easier

While there’s always a certain level of stress and hassle associated with the process of moving home … there are some things you can do to reduce unnecessary problems and make the process of packing, loading and unloading as easy as possible.


7 ‘Must Have’ Basic Tools That Every Garage Should Have

Would you like to equip your garage with some basic tools? If yes, then I must say these essentials can make your garage- a happier and more productive place.

Home Automation

Improving Lifestyle with Home Automation Mobile Applications

Tweet Home automation has now come down to your palm with various mobile applications and complete home solutions leading into the lifestyle we all dreamed of when we were young.

Heating and Cooling

Quick Checklist:     About Oil Tank Regulations in the UK

Oil may seem like an interesting option to investigate as a fuel alternative for those living off the UK mains gas network but while oil boilers have some benefits, the complexities of simply installing the oil tank which will fire the boiler may well be a lot more hard work than you had imagined.

Lawn Care

Quick Checklist:     Five Lawn Care Tips That Will Keep Your Yard Looking Fresh

Your lawn is often the first thing that people notice when they get to your home. Instead of the dull, brown grass that looks uncared for, consider performing a few simple tasks that can keep your lawn looking as fresh as possible.


A Wrap of Elegance – Wrap Around Porch Design Benefits

A porch and a verandah are often used interchangeably. However, the two structures are very different. A porch is an external structure projecting from the main building while a verandah is a roofed platform along the outside of a building.

Home Automation

5 Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Wi-Fi-enabled devices aren’t just for laptops and smartphones anymore. Everything from watches to cars have the ability to connect to the internet, and your home’s thermostat is no different.

Lighting and Decor

4 Fun Ideas to Light Up Your Backyard

A lot of people only seem to use their backyards during the day when they have ample light from the sun. But there’s no reason to abandon your yard just because the sun sets.

Home Renovation

Weekly Tip for June 19: Construction Materials – Individual Advantages for Consideration

There are so many alternatives in selecting building materials it can be difficult to make choices. The answer lies not only in fitting your tastes and budget, but some of the long term advantages and disadvantages in your materials.

Energy Savings

5 Types of Soltec Solar Trackers Used Worldwide

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that is clean and efficient. It helps homes and industries cut utility costs and reduce the effects of pollution by using alternative energy sources.

Home Furniture

The Benefits of Eco-Furniture

Outdoor furniture has come a long way in recent decades towards a more eco-friendly nature.

Kitchen and Dining

Quick Checklist:     Five Budget-Friendly Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel

Want to add value to your house, or maybe you’re starting to realize you never actually liked your kitchen? Great! Sounds like a full kitchen remodel is the plan for you.