Easy, Breezy Ways To Cool Down A Room

Easy, Breezy Ways To Cool Down A Room
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    The easiest way to cool down a room is to use air conditioning.

    An air conditioner can be central, which cools down all or at least most of the rooms in the house, or it can be a room unit.


These units can be installed in a window or in a wall. Air conditioners don’t add cold to the air, but remove heat and blow cool air through the room through a somewhat complex process. The heat that is removed is then vented to the outside. Less common types of air conditioners, which are called swamp coolers, are portable but still need to be able to vent the hot air from the room to the outside.

Warmer Climates Needs Air Conditioning Too

In warmer climates, a room can be cooled by a heat pump. This appliance both cools the house and warms it by bringing in heat during the winter and removing it in the summer. Another way to cool the room are ductless mini-splits, which are installed in the wall like regular units but are much smaller and take up much less space. More than one of these units can be powered by one condenser unit, which is located outside. Like heat pumps, they can provide heat in the winter.

Fans Can Blow That Hotness Away

If a homeowner doesn’t yet have an air conditioning unit or does not want to run one all the time, ceiling fans are excellent ways to cool down a room. They work even more efficiently if doors and windows are open.

One trick is to have the blades turn counter clockwise. This forces the air down and lets it evaporate sweat on the skin, which brings a feeling of coolness. Run the fan faster to make the room cooler.

Window fans can be surprisingly cooling on hot, muggy nights. One tip to make them even more powerful is to put a plastic bottle of frozen ice water or a bowl of ice in front of them.

Putting screens in the windows in the evenings if it has been hot all day also cools down a house wonderfully.

Design The Room So That It Will Be Cool and Breezy

A homeowner who lives in a house in a hot climate should use lighter colors to paint their house. Without doing anything else, the light colors makes the rooms feel cooler than they actually are. A house whose exterior is painted a light color actually does cool down the house, for the light color bounces heat away from the building.

Shades and blinds pulled down during the heat of the day cools a room, though some people love the way the sun shines into the house even if it is hot. But drawn blinds can lower the temperature by about 20 percent.

Trees Are Air Conditioning Experts

If the homeowner is patient, they can plant trees around the house. Eventually, the trees grow tall enough to block the sun and much of its heat during the day. Because the leaves breathe out water vapor, the air around the trees is cooler than the air that is beyond them. This cooler microclimate can envelop the house to help cool down room.

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