Smart Interior Design Ideas for Those Living in Warm Climates

Smart Interior Design Ideas for Those Living in Warm Climates
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    When you live in a warm location your interior design requirements are a lot different to those in other places.

    This can come as a shock to homeowners, especially if you're used to living in cooler surroundings.

    However, many of the challenges are the same.


But you have to strike a balance between designing a stylish home and keeping your home cool when the weather is at its hottest. Once you understand this, you can begin to design your home for a warm climate in much smarter ways. Here are some smart interior design ideas that will help you along.

Use the Power of Nature

When you live in a warm country, there are times when you need to shade from the sun. There are many ways you can do this. Nature often provides some of the best solutions. Adding some large, leafy plants in areas where the sun is strongest during the day will lower the temperature in your home and block direct sunlight, which is often a problem in warm locations.

Adding indoor water features such as small fountains surrounded by smaller plants is another way to bring nature into your home and provides a cooling effect too.

Add a Discreet Air Conditioning System

For those moving from a cooler climate, a high quality air conditioning system is a necessity. Natural airflow through your home may be fine some of the time. However, in hotter areas, the heat can become unbearable and the only solution is to turn on the AC.

Air conditioning systems come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re concerned about the affect it will have on the appearance of your home, find an air conditioning system that’s discreet and not overwhelming. A wide range of air conditioning installers are available who are only too happy to give you advice about the most appropriate model for your home.

Cool Down When Temperatures Soar by Installing an Indoor Pool

If you have the room and the budget, adding an indoor pool is the perfect solution when you live in a warm area. This gives you and your family an easy and instant way to cool down when the heat starts to become unbearable outside. The fact that it’s inside also means you are shaded from the sun.

Control the Sun Entering your Home through Your Windows

When you live in a warmer climate, certain features of your home have to be changed too. For example, shades and shutters become a necessity and it’s also a good idea to consider adding window film to the windows in your home. This increases the amount of shade your home gets.

Install Fans That Don’t Ruin the Appearance of Your Home

A wide range of ceiling fans and other types of fans are available. However, before you add these to a room in your home, research the models available. Look for fans that don’t make too much noise and don’t take up too much valuable space.

Declutter So Air Flows Freely

It’s important to design a home that allows for better air circulation. Many homes include furniture and fittings that are not really required by the home owner. These items often prevent air from circulating properly through your home. This is a more noticeable problem in hotter locations.

Using Bright Color in Shaded Areas

Bright colors reflect the sun and heat. However, if you have managed to shade the interior of your home, use bright colors to balance this out. When the weather is not so warm and the sun is not as strong, your rooms will still be warm, inviting places to spend time.

Some Building Materials Keep Cooler than Others

If you decide to add an extension or change the physical structure of your home, it’s worth noting that certain materials will keep your home cooler than others. Concrete is one such building material that doesn’t heat up when the temperatures soar. However, wood retains the heat when it gets warmer. Before taking on a project like this, discuss this aspect of it with the builder who will be completing the work for you.

Living is warmer climates that offer sunny days gives you the opportunity to explore green energy ideas such as solar power and/or wind power. View our green energy section for more green energy ideas. But first, please help us grow by giving us a quick comment/share so everyone in warmer climates can enjoy this helpful read.

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It’s not until you move to a warm climate that you realize how powerful the sun is. This force of nature determines many aspects of your life, which you may not realize if you live in a cooler place. How you design the inside of your home is one area that’s affected by this, but there are many smart ways to overcome the problem like those listed above.



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