ideas: Canning Your Garden Harvest For Year-Round Enjoyment

Canning Your Garden Harvest For Year-Round Enjoyment

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marinated foods

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Collections of garden harvest with marinated foods


  • When you plan a vegetable garden, you are bound to have a harvest that needs to be preserved for future use.
  • That is where canning comes into play.
  • Canning allows you to “can” and “seal” your harvest to be used later on in your cooking.
  • If done correctly and used timely, the canned vegetables and fruit will taste as good as when harvested.
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canning pickles

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Pickling cucumbers


  • A first good start in canning is pickling and/or marinating vegetables.
  • Picking cucumbers is a good example and easy to do.
  • You can also pickle and marinate beets, beans, peppers and more.
  • Shelf like can vary from 1-5 months depending on the marinade and pickling levels.

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canning beans

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Canning your bean harvest


  • Garden beans are very popular to can (jar) for shelf life.
  • You simply harvest the beans, cut and wash them, and them place them in a jar.
  • Then you follow a process to hermetically seal the jar for future use.
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canning peaches

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You can also use cans instead of jars


  • Using tin cans has some benefits over glass jars.
  • They can easily stack and they won’t break if dropped or bumped.
  • Tin cans are good for dried beans, wheat and other dry grains –
    but they can be used for vegetables and fruits.

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canning kitchen

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Using your kitchen for canning


  • Canning has grown over the years and is becoming more popular as consumer seek organic cooking.
  • However, you need to understand canning basics to preserve taste, texture and maintain the safety
    of the food stored on your shelf after a period of months.
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