Five Foods You Can Easily Grow in Your Kitchen for That Rustic Feel

Five Foods You Can Easily Grow in Your Kitchen for That Rustic Feel
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    Do you want the benefits of some fresh, healthy and (best of all) free herbs and vegetables, as well as the charming look of having living plants in your home?

    If you do, but don't have a garden, then there are a surprising number of commonly used foods you can grow indoors.


Here we look at five plants you can easily cultivate in your kitchen (or anywhere else suitable inside your house), which will provide you with edible crops:


Rosemary is a great herb that can be used as a seasoning for all kinds of dishes, and is traditionally used with lamb. Rosemary is also beautifully aromatic, and so can give a lovely smell to your home if you grow it indoors or on a windowsill by an open window.

Rosemary is a hardy plant, and can be grown either from seeds, or from a cutting from an existing plant. You can also simply buy a small potted rosemary plant and take care of it. It does require around six hours of sunlight per day, so make sure you place it by a window that receives a lot of light. When you want to use some of your rosemary, simply snip a bit off!

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Ginger is an ingredient used in all kinds of spicy dishes, but you may not have realised that you can make one store bought piece of fresh ginger last and last by simply making it grow! All you need is a small container of soil.

Plant a fresh bulb of ginger from the supermarket in the soil, and keep it in indirect sunlight on a windowsill. Keep the soil moist, but don’t drown it or let it dry out. You’ll soon see that it begins to sprout out of the soil. When you want to use some ginger, dig out the original bulb, which will have grown, and cut off a piece to use, then just plant the rest back as before.


There are various ways to grow good tomatoes, which many people think taste way better than shop bought ones which can be a little bland. Some people use hydroponics to grow tomatoes without soil, but you can also buy a tomato plant ready potted, or grow one from seed. Bear in mind indoor tomatoes don’t normally grow as big as those grown outdoors, but they will still be great to eat and use in your recipes.


Kale is very trendy at the moment as a nutrient rich green, and it is a plant you can grow indoors even in winter. Grow kale from seeds in pots of soil, but sow the seeds with a bit more space than you might outdoors.

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You can actually grow a lemon tree fairly comfortably indoors! Buy a sapling or older potted tree, and give it plenty of care and you can be rewarded not only with your own fresh lemons, but also a pretty tree and great aroma!

These are just five plants that you may not have realised you could grow inside that produce delicious food you can enjoy!

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