ideas: Hydroponic Gardening – An Illustration of How

Hydroponic Gardening – An Illustration of How

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hydroponic gardening

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The future of farming


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Facts and benefits of hydroponics
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So you have been thinking about hydroponic gardening


  • But before you do, understand the basics of hydroponics:
    INFO: hydroponic systems 101
  • Your best start should be indoors on a small scale – that will help understand how it works and the results it produces:
    INFO: growing with hydroponics for beginners | youtube: hydroponics for beginners
  • Once you master the technique indoors, you are ready for a bigger operation on the outside.
  • It is not that easy And you need patience and discipline. You must daily tend to your garden to correct the Ph balance and other nutrition. But once you master the technique, it will become part of your daily routine in food production – a nice skill to have.


    hydroponics growing kitshydroponic system

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Six types of hydroponic gardening systems
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Multiple types of hydroponic systems


  • You will find several hydroponic systems that are easy to operate and those that are somewhat complex:
    INFO: best hydroponics systems
  • Something to start with is the “wick” or “aquaponic” systems.
  • Start with something easy to grow like an herb or lettuce – items that you can use in cooking.
  • What is best for you? Your first hydroponic system needs to be small with the easiest maintenance possible. So don’t skip these first-time steps. Gain experience by testing and growing different plant structures under different environmental conditions. The experience will come in handy when you decide to expand your hydroponic gardening outside.


    hydroponic wick systemdrip hydroponic system

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hydroponic gardening

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What you need for a hydroponic system?


  • The key item is light – especially if you are doing your hydroponic gardening indoors. When you move it outside, the sun will take over.
  • You will need a growing tray – a place where your plants will take root – with part of the root structure submersed in water.
  • Next is a water pump with an overflow flow pipe. Water is pumped from the reservoir to the growing tray. Any excess flow will return via the overflow pipe.
  • Looks easy! Yes, but two other items are required – the plants nutrients and the correct ph balance. You need to regulate the nurtrition and ph in order to get the plants to grow. That is the experience you need to become a good hydroponic gardener.


    ebb and flow hydroponic systempipe hydroponic system

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hydroponic gardening

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NFT hydroponic systems


  • This system (on a larger scale) is often used commercially for lettuce and herb production.
  • But is not generally the best system for long term plants such as tomatoes.
  • So when you start outside You may have a variety of systems depending on the garden you want to grow. The NFT is perfect for lettuce, herbs, and short terms plants. Other systems are best for long-term plants such as tomatoes, corn, and carrots.
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