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smart home security system

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What do you see in the image above?

  • Outdoor surveillance cameras:

    that is your first line of defense – monitoring the perimeter of your home and yard for any suspicious activity. These cameras should be up-and-front and positioned to monitor your backyard area, side areas of the home, garden shed, driveways/walkways and any other property point where an intruder might enter. And you have these cameras connected via WIFI for recording and monitoring:

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  • Garage entry system:

    garage entry controller with keypad and WIFI access. Call button for friends and family to access home entry from the garage area. The garage is one area where you need secured access and surveillance systems. Intruders like to access a garage area to keep them hidden from prying neighbors as they work to gain access to your home.

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  • Entry and motion sensors:

    you will need entry sensors on doors and windows to protect the two most common entry points used by intruders. If these sensors are tripped, you and/or your security surveillance company will be notified. Even better yet, having an interior cam will allow you to monitor the situation and notify authorities if needed. Use these sensors to protect entry point like doors, windows, balconies, window wells, and other.

  • You might consider using motion sensors within the interior sections of your home. These sensors become last line of defense if intruders get past your entry sensors. Motion sensors may not work if you have a pet at home, however. But they might become a must option for garages, stairways or other key places where valuables are placed.
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  • Interior cams:

    very useful for keeping an eye on what’s going on inside the home – especially recording any suspicious activity from intruders, babysitters, contractors, or maids who have access to your home. They are particularly useful for areas where you store your valuables. It has been researched that recorded suspicious activity gets faster police response than a tripped sensor. And many of these interior cameras are tiny and can be easily hidden.

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  • Environmental sensors:

    there are environmental factors that endanger your family other than having a home instrusion. These sensors include smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, radon gas sensors, temperature and humidity alarms and other. These sensors can help protect your family lives and health.

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  • Electronically connected:

    all of your cameras – sensors – alarms – and other security items can all be connected via a home command center and/or WIFI. With your command center connected to the cloud, you can monitor and control your security system with your mobile device from anywhere in the world. That world could be at work – during business travel – or on summer or holiday vacation.

  • Your device can be notified if any suspicious activity trips any of your sensors. And with your cameras, you can instantly view the situation and notify your neighbor or authorities for assistance. And better yet, you can turn off/on your system if you have family or friends come and stay at your home while away.
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Final Observation:

a complete smart home security system (and for your business) will come with the above mentioned items all connected via WIFI for easy electronic monitoring and control. With many parents working outside of the home – and with children often coming into the home before parents return from work – the need of smart home security system is imperative. Not only will it protect your property items from theft, but also protect your family.

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