ideas: Don’t Become a Victim – What to Do to Avoid Theft

Don’t Become a Victim – What to Do to Avoid Theft

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  • Nothing could be more distressing then to find your home, ID or other possessions stolen.

    Since theft is a profitable crime, you need to take steps to avoid both possession and identity theft.

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preventing theft

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Coming home and finding your home ….


  • Burglarized – furniture turn upside down and all precious items like jewelry, money, credit cards, and other valuables gone.
  • You have been violated – but more importantly, staked out for invasion:
    INFO: 10 home burglary stats and facts
  • You can avoid a burglary or break-in by strategically implement a home security and monitoring system.
  • The technologies are so advanced that you can monitor your home from your cell no matter where you are:
    INFO: best home security systems 2019
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preventing theft

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The anonymous break-in


  • It is not just your home that is subject to burglarly, but your garage, garden shed, barn, and other outbuildings.
  • It might be a lawn mower, lawn equipment, garden tools, etc., that can be stolen during the late night.
  • A simple security camera or other security detection may avoid the loss of outdoor stuff.
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preventing theft

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Keep it locked up


  • Those simple items like trikes, bikes, wagons, lawnmowers and like – leave them along for one minute and then find them taken when you come back.
  • Lock them up during your absence with a chain lock or other device.
  • True, many of the these locks can be broken or cut in two – but what you are getting is time.
  • The time to severed a lock may be just the deterent you need to keep your items safe.
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preventing theft

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Let’s now move to Identify Theft (ID theft)


  • Data breaches are becoming far too common given the advancements of cyber criminal techniques:
    INFO: 18 largest data breaches 21st century
  • But many data breaches occur on your own devices – by not using good password protection or falling for email or other data pranks.
  • Either way, you need to protect yourself from ID theft – the cost of restoring your good name could be very expensive.
  • Your best course of action is prevention:
    INFO: see prevention below
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preventing theft

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Finally, protect your credit card


  • Credit card theft is rampant – especially in hotels and other tourist destinations.
  • You may have credit card protection from your card issuer – but credit card theft could impact your credit score:
    INFO: about credit card fraud
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