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Automation & Security

Don’t Become a Victim – What to Do to Avoid Theft

Nothing could be more disappointing then to find your home, ID or other possession stolen. Since theft is a profitable crime, you need to take steps to avoid theft.


Making a Exterior Home Statement With a Stylish Garage Door

Time to change the look of your exterior home decor. A first great step in that process is a new, stylish garage door. Let’s explore further!

Home Decor

Some Unique Ways to Display House Plants

What can you use to decorate a room that offers good health benefits? We are looking at houseplants. But if you decide to use them, display them creatively.

Porch Systems

When You Need a Ramp for Your Loved Ones

It happens unfortunately – either by age or by accident. But someone in the family is bound to a wheelchair. Now its time to give them access to their home using a decorative wheel chair ramp.

Garden Planting

landscaping (annual flowers) –      Salvia

Do you need to dot your sunney garden plot with color? Try the beautiful salvia flower. Comes in reds, whites, and blues. Thrives in hot climates.

Holiday Events

Memorial Day Racing – Part of the Holiday

Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend. One event of the Memorial Day is the Indianapolis 500 – a big part of memorial day racing. Stay tuned!

Garden Planting

Getting Ready to Plant a Vegetable Garden

Many first-time gardeners have a question about types of flowers. So start by understanding perennial and annual flowers and how to use them in landscaping.

Modern Kitchen

Modern Seating – At the Kitchen Counter

If you have a modern styled kitchen, you need to tie it together with a modern kitchen countertop stool. They look sleek and interesting – just what you need to bring out the modern look.


Tripod Floor Lamps: Keeping Your Room Lighted and in Style

You have probably seen many floor lamps of differing types and shapes. But have you seen a tripod floor lamp? It’s a lamp with a different style and look. It might look great in your living room or bedroom.


Garden Design Idea: The Mediterranean Garden Look

You need to design a garden. What style would you like to do? How about a Mediterranean garden style? It’s easy maintenance and inviting every time you step into your garden.

Utility Needs

Declutter Your Home In 21 Days – Infographic

Clutter can really ruin the appearance of a home. Often clutter can build up without us realizing and it’s so easy to do when we’re busy with work and other commitments.

Analysis Laundry/Mudroom/Cleaning

photo image analysis: Another Laundry Room – This Time with Utility

Converting one of your rooms as your laundry room area might be too much of a sacrifice if the room area is large. But you can combine this area into a laundry room and utility room for household management. Let’s analyze how.