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Home Renovation

Age-Friendly Home Renovations

Many elderly homeowners feel the need to adapt their home to better suit their way of life as they grow older and require more help and care. These changes are usually small and don’t require that much professional help or investing.

Renovation Designs

Top 5 Considerations for Home Extensions

A home extension can connect you to the yard, raise the roof, or create additional living space to support the growing family.

Home Interior Design

The Hottest Home Interior Trends in 2019

As with every previous year, this year has brought forth some changes and twists to the interior design as well.

Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for May 05: Designing the Perfect Outdoor Space in 4 Easy Steps

Unlike people living in small apartments in residential buildings, those living in houses have one giant advantage – the outdoor space! Even if you’re stuck with a tiny backyard, it’s still better than having no backyard at all, and all backyards deserve as much love and attention as you can give them.

Renovation Designs

Give Your Home a Luxury Glow

From time to time, every home needs a few upgrades that will add to its value and sustainability.

Just Bedroom

How to Turn Your Kids’ Room Into a Wonderland?

Decorating a kids’ room can be a huge challenge due to two reasons. First of all, you have to consider the age of your kid. And then second …

Living/Family Room

Add More Coziness to Your Living Room in Four Easy Steps

No matter how much free time we have, all of us want to make the most of it by relaxing and taking our minds off everyday things and problems.

Kitchen and Dining

How to Organize Your Kitchen

Tweet Your thinking in these situations usually goes somewhere along the lines of “I have bigger fish to fry.” This, as we all know, results in a serious problem even

Bed and Bath

5 Tips for Designing a Kids’ Room

Tweet However, you should have in mind that the kids will grow and what was a fun setup a few years ago, could be outdated now. That’s why you should

Doors and Windows

Everything You Need to Know About Bedroom Doors

Tweet At first glance, this task doesn’t seem that challenging, but when you realize how many types and variations of each item there are, your head will start to spin.

Garden Maintenance

5 Ways to Keep Insects and Animals Out of Your Garden

Tweet Unfortunately, no garden is safe from pests and it’s up to you to make sure you keep caterpillars, beetles, chipmunks, rabbits, birds, and other culprits away from your plants.

Home Renovation

Remodeling Your Home on a Budget

Tweet These tips and tricks will be all you need to cut your costs enough for you to get your dream home without sacrificing vacations for the next five years!

Nursery Room

Nursery Decoration Tips

Tweet Stimulating surroundings and lively colors are the name of the game here, so here are some decorative ideas for your baby’s room. The Colors One of the main traditionalist

Just Bath

Inspirational Bathroom Design Ideas for 2017 That You’ll Love

Tweet In general, people think that redesigning their bathroom involves a bit more effort and creative limitations. However, bathroom is one of the most important rooms in one’s home. It

Just Bath

Bathroom Remodeling Guide: Dos and Don’ts 

Tweet To find out more about both sides of the “remodeling coin”, keep reading and check out the listed dos and don’ts of bathroom remodeling. The dos of bathroom remodeling

Outdoor Structures

Increase Your Garden Shed Space in 3 Easy Steps

Tweet If you can’t seem to cram any more items in it, you have to find an alternative way to expand it. Here are some of the ideas how to

Rec Room

Advice on How to Build Your Own Wood Bar

Tweet Now this doesn’t have to be anything special and complicated, even a simple wood bar will be enough, but this is not something that people do often and most

Home Decor

2017 Forecast: What’s Trending in Interior Design

Tweet This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to introduce you all to some of the most remarkable interior design trends for 2017. Will next year retain the

Garden Plants

Tips on How to Get Started with Gardening

Tweet It might sound easy, but rest assured that there is a lot of ground to cover in order to become an expert gardener. It all, however, starts with basics.


A Rundown of Things To Do Before You Move Into A New House

Tweet While the previous owners might’ve kept the house in peak condition, you don’t want to unpack just yet; rather, we assume you’d want to set up everything so that