Everything You Need to Know About Bedroom Doors

Everything You Need to Know About Bedroom Doors
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    When designing the interior of your new home, you have to keep track of every single detail.

    Things like wall paint, floor patterns, furniture, decorations, and even doors of every room need to match so that your house doesn’t look like a circus.


At first glance, this task doesn’t seem that challenging, but when you realize how many types and variations of each item there are, your head will start to spin. We may not be eligible to talk about furniture and floor types, but our knowledge of interior doors is vast. For now, we will stick to the bedroom doors, but maybe in the future, we can discuss other rooms as well.

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How many doors do you need?

First of all, let’s discuss how many doors you actually need. Sure, some bedrooms have only entrance doors, but there are also bedrooms with wardrobes, bathrooms, and balconies. Naturally, you will need doors for them too. What seems like a great type of door for your bathroom might not fit your wardrobe and vice versa. That is why it is absolutely necessary to know exactly what goes where and what styles and types of doors are best suited for each location.

For example, you shouldn’t install flyscreen doors at your bedroom or bathroom entrance; they are usually used for balconies. Also, bifold doors are great for wardrobes, but they will look clunky at your bathroom entrance. These types of design choices can change the look of your bedroom completely, so choose carefully.

Types of doors

There are a lot of types of doors available on the market, but we will point out only the most popular ones. These types of doors have a lot of variations, so you will certainly find some that you like.

  • Panel doors

    These doors are by far the most common ones in residential buildings. They usually have either a couple of small square patterns or one large one. Choosing the pattern will be completely up to you, but keep in mind that these doors are best suited for your bedroom entrance.

  • Bifold doors

    This is the most popular design for a bedroom wardrobe door. Because they don’t take as much space as a fully swinging door does when opened, they are great for small spaces, which most wardrobes are. They are a bit pricier than regular doors, but their design is well worth it.

  • Flyscreen doors

    Lastly, we would like to mention flyscreen doors, which are ideal for your balcony entrance. They are usually made of glass, so you will get plenty of sunlight. There really is no better solution for a balcony door, just remember to put on some curtains for the sake of privacy.


We would like to mention one last thing, and that is the different types of materials the doors are made of. In most cases, you will be given an option between a solid wood door, solid-core door, and hollow-core door. The biggest difference between these three is the price and the feel of the door.

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  • A solid wood door is the most expensive, but you will get a great quality for the price. These doors are completely made of wood, have a sturdy frame, and can last for a long time.
  • Next, solid-core doors are very similar to solid wood doors, but they are cheaper. They are also sturdy but to a lesser extent. This is because they are for the most part made of plywood.
  • The last ones are hollow-core doors and they are by far the cheapest ones. They are made of plywood and rigid cardboard to maintain their shape. Naturally, they are the least sturdy of the three and offer the worst insulation.


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