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Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Jun 30: Expect the Unexpected: 3 Things That Can Go Wrong During a Renovation

Taking on a home renovation project of any kind is always a huge and exciting step to take. Regardless of whether you’re new to the task or you’re experienced at it, thinking of new ways to renovate an area of your home can create all sorts of amazing feelings.

Renovation Designs

Top 5 Considerations for Home Extensions

A home extension can connect you to the yard, raise the roof, or create additional living space to support the growing family.

Home Renovation

4 Essentials to Check When Completing a Renovation on Your Home

Remodeling a residential property can make you feel alive. It can also sometimes be a pretty time-consuming and detail-oriented project.

Home Renovation

Renovating Your Home? You Should Probably Know About Party Walls

Did you know that nearly 1 in 10 people claim to have moved house because of disputes with their neighbors?

Home Improvements

Treat Yourself: 4 Luxurious Home Upgrades to Consider

Now that summer is in full swing, many homeowners are exploring ways in which they can add to the value of their home.

Roofing and Gutters

Maintaining Your Outdoor Space: Roof and Gutter Repairing & Cleaning

Roof and gutters are often neglected and taken for granted so when there is a problem with them, it often requires some serious intervention.

Exterior Decor

10 Trendy Paint Schemes for Your House Exterior

A home’s exterior provides that first impression. Real estate owners will often tell you that potential house buyers are all about curb appeal because when you don’t entice them on the outside, how will they care to see what’s on the inside?


How to Build the Right Deck for Your Space

Building a deck can add extra space to your home and also increase the value of your property, depending on where you live.

Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Jun 23: That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen: 4 Places in Your Home You Don’t Want to DIY Remodel

Very few things are as satisfying as completing a renovation or remodeling project, but you need to be careful whenever you work on your home. A single mistake can quickly escalate into an expensive catastrophe, and that is why some projects should always be left to the professionals.

Rec Room

4 Unique Themes for Decorating Your Man Cave

Your man cave is your oasis, and it’s a fantastic way to express yourself and design your dream room.

Seasonal Maintenance

Prepare Your Home For Summer With This Simple Guide

Summer begins today, so what better way to make the most of the weather than getting your home preparations out of the way now? Let’s face it, if this year is anything like the last, we’re set to have another sweltering summer.

Home Maintenance

Should You Fix and Flip a Flood-Damaged Home?

There is a lot to consider before you take on any house flipping project, and the current state of damage is one of the biggest factors.

Exterior Decor

Shutter Materials That Can Help Cool Down Your Summer Home

Are you getting ready to give your home an update stay comfortable in summer? Adding new shutters should be on your list of things to do.

Home Buying-Selling

10 Tips and Tricks for Selling Your Home Fast

Selling a home is no simple feat, especially since flipping houses could spell trouble for the market in the near future. Competing against professional flippers is hard enough.

Exterior Home

Exterior Home Renovation Ideas

When people are looking for ways to upgrade their homes, they often focus on interior projects like kitchen and bathroom remodels, and exterior renovations are often overlooked.

Home Buying-Selling

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Seaside Property

Buying a home can be a big-time decision, but buying a location property, especially a one near the seaside, can prove exciting as well as hassle-some.

Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Jun 16: 4 Tips for Making Home Updates to Match Your Climate

For a home to look great, it needs to match its surroundings. That is true for the design and style but also for the climate.

Home Safety

5 Affordable Renovations That Make the Home Safer

Are you looking for ways to make your home safer and more comfortable without hurting your wallet?


How to Create a Mountain Woods Aesthetic for Your Yard and Garden

A mountain woods aesthetic brings a rustic, natural vibe to your yard or garden. It allows you to recreate some of the sights and scents found in mountain forests.

Home Interior Design

4 Fashionable Ways to Use Metal in Your Home

Metal touches are becoming more popular when it comes to adding them as décor elements in your home.