Increase Your Garden Shed Space in 3 Easy Steps

Increase Your Garden Shed Space in 3 Easy Steps
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    A garden shed is a bigger asset than you may think – it’s a place to keep your tools, things you don’t need around the house and even larger items, like a lawn mower.

    However, what happens when garden sheds become too small?


If you can’t seem to cram any more items in it, you have to find an alternative way to expand it. Here are some of the ideas how to achieve that.

Clean, Clean, Clean

The best way to make some room in your garden shed is to declutter. Things you can generally find here are the items you didn’t need in your house in the first place, so you’ve hidden them in the shed. But if this process is going on for years and years, you’ll reach a point where you’ll no longer have any space to fill. And that’s when you’ll have to start making some hard decisions.

Upon entering your shed, you’ll probably instantaneously notice a number of things you don’t need. From unused water hoses, to boxes containing spare parts for the car you’ve sold last year, there’s a big chance you’ll never need any of these. Therefore, you should declutter and throw away everything that’s not absolutely essential. You can organize the remaining items into boxes and clearly label them. This way, precious items like childhood memories or power tools every handyman needs will be easier to find.

Be Smart with Boxes and Containers

Once you’ve organized and labeled everything, you can organize your garden shed from scratch and start stacking boxes, but how? In what order? One of the options would be to associate the content of one box with the one next to it – photographs can go right next to sports memorabilia, while brochures and catalogues can fit in a box below various manuals and instruction booklets.

Ultimately, you could use clear plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes – as they’re see-through, you’ll spend less time browsing through them and looking for the things you need. That way, you save time. Moreover, you can stack these containers on top of one another and save tons of space that way. Finally, use markers and make sure you label all the important items in each container clearly. You can even attach them to your ceiling and create a sliding storage system on your own.

Go Up!

Even though most people say they use all the space in their garage shed, this is often not the case. Yes, they use all the available floor and walls space, but what about the space above their heads? Utilizing vertical space and finding proper storage solutions that will help you make the most of your shed’s height is the absolutely best way to increase its capacity.

So, what you can do is install a few high shelves and start stacking your boxes and containers there. This way, they’ll always be in your sight, but you’ll also have more space on the floor for items like toolboxes, heavy machinery or some of the larger boxes that don’t fit on the shelves. However, be very careful when placing these items on your shelves – they have to be aligned perfectly if you want to prevent accidents.

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Other Ideas

Some of the other things you can do to increase the amount of free space in your garden shed is organize your tools in toolboxes, mount all cords and hoses onto the walls and introduce a weekly decluttering routine – that way, your shed will not only become more organized, but also stay that way.

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