How to Turn Your Kids’ Room Into a Wonderland?

How to Turn Your Kids’ Room Into a Wonderland?
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    Decorating a kids' room can be a huge challenge due to two reasons.

    First of all, you have to consider the age of your kid.

    And then second ...


Second, you probably wonder how it is possible to choose from so many lovely pieces of furniture, wallpaper patterns and 1001 more things that you want to decorate their rooms with. You can easily get carried away and overstuff the room, causing it to be messy 24/7. But don’t worry – you can avoid that by following a few useful tips.


Before you go shopping for things, make sure that you considered all the possible hazards, especially if your child is still very young. Your kids’ room has to be safe so your little ones won’t get hurt by any elements you bring in.

We all know that toddlers can crawl up and down in a matter of seconds and before you know it, you will hear them cry because they fell off the bed or tripped over the cables on the floor. Therefore, it is crucial that you make a safety checklist and follow it to the letter.

Mix Functional With Playful

Start with the basic things your children will need, like beds and closets, and then add a touch of playfulness to the whole story. When you’ve found a perfect bed for your little one, it’s time to add a wide chalkboard stripe around the wall beside the bed.

That way, you will enable your kids to practice their drawing and first letters, plus – you will save yourself from the horror of facing walls covered in your kids’ “artistic” expressions all over your home.


Play With Colors and Patterns

The color of the walls is always the biggest question and the kids’ room isn’t an exception. The options are numerous; you can paint all the walls in white or beige color and then decorate only one with decals in the shape of flowers, stars, sun or clouds – whatever your kid likes the best! You can also make a statement wall with carefully chosen wallpaper.

Beat The Rain

Whenever the weather outside is horrible, the children can grow anxious and burst to tears because they can’t go playing on the swing in the park like you promised them.

To avoid those kinds of moments, why not put a hanging chair or a chair swing in their room? Put a few soft and colorful cushions inside and you can be sure that your kid won’t be able to resist spending the entire rainy afternoon cuddled up in there!

The best thing about this is that they never outgrow it – even your teenagers will prefer to study curled up in a hanging chair to behind a table!


Toy Exhibition

If your kids love to collect small toys of some movie or Disney characters, chances are that you will often trip over a tiny Harry Potter or Mickey Mouse on the floor. Why not reach a compromise with your kid? Suggest them to make a toy exhibition with their collection!

Place all those lovely bobbleheads on floating shelves and you will get a beautifully decorated and tidy room, while your kids can still reach their toys when they want to play with them. For example, if the children adore Tolkien’s heroes, then it will be a joy to create a little Middle Earth on the shelves in their room with figures of all the hobbits, Aragorn, Legolas, Gandalf and that nasty Gollum!

Bolstering Creativity

If your kids enjoy drawing, writing or making something with their little hands, then you should bolster their talents. Craft their personal creative corner in the room! Place a table and a chair beside the window so your kid would get enough daylight while creating.

Little writers and painters should always be able to reach their pencils, erasers, brushes and paints. To avoid getting the table overcluttered, put all those necessities inside Mason jars and affix them to the shelves.

With all these tips for decorating your kids’ room, all you need now is a little bit of imagination and that’s it! Before you know it, you will get a bear hug from your little ones because you gave them a comfortable, safe, functional and, of course, super cool room!

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