5 Tips for Designing a Kids’ Room

5 Tips for Designing a Kids’ Room
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    Designing a kids’ room is one of the biggest treats you’re going to have when decorating your new home.

    With this room, you could experiment as much as you want and make it fun, playful, and colorful.


However, you should have in mind that the kids will grow and what was a fun setup a few years ago, could be outdated now. That’s why you should try to stick to a solution that could be easily changed and removed altogether.

Black and White Patterns

There’s no reason why the kid’s room can’t be both playful and chic. Kids will like their room if it’s simple, spacious and if it has a few items to keep it visually interesting. All of these could be accomplished with the striking duality of black and white. White walls with a few black stripes or patterns would set the tone and the rest of the room should follow it. A few larger objects like chairs or dressers could be all black or all white, but all the rest should have the combination of the two.

Layer Rugs

Layered rugs make the room feel comfortable and cozy. It’s also a good idea if you have smaller kids who trip and fall a lot. This choice will make them safe and save you the trouble of hovering over them all the time. The layers should be carefully chosen and designed to complement each other. The rugs should contrast each other to add emphasis to a particular area or a piece of furniture. The same goes for the texture – the textures of the rugs should be in relation to the rest of the furniture and drapes in the room.

Teepee Tents

Tents are a fun and innovating addition to the kid’s room. They make sleepovers and slumber parties more exciting and memorable. Depending on the color of the tents, they could be incorporated in any style. When deciding to buy teepee tents, keep in mind that the lighting in the room especially helps create the whimsical atmosphere and plan accordingly. The tents could be filled with cushions and fit quite a few kids. You could also easily move them around and change the whole set up when you need to.

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A Creative Corner

Children’s art and crafts are so precious and they make for lovely memories. If you want to encourage your kids to draw and do more crafts you might think about creating a creativity corner. Everything the kid may need to get artsy should be in that corner neatly packed on shelves and easily reachable. You could also decorate the walls with the artwork that your kids especially like. Depending on the kids’ age, you could add a sewing machine, scissors, and glue to add a variety of art forms that could be practiced in the corner.

A Hanging Chair

Anything that could be used as a swing is going to be an instant hit with the kids. A large and cushy chair hanging from the center of the room could be its focal point and a great spot to hang out and relax after the school day is over. The main concern should be the safety of the kids so make sure that the chair is firmly bolted to the ceiling. Also, if the kids are still small, it might be a good idea to make sure that they can’t swing themselves across the room.

Designing kids’ rooms provides you with limitless options. It should reflect the personality of your children, but also be adaptable enough so they can use it when they are a bit older.

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