Remodeling Your Home on a Budget

Remodeling Your Home on a Budget
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    Planning a big remodel?

    Getting a headache just thinking about the budget?

    Well, worry no more!


These tips and tricks will be all you need to cut your costs enough for you to get your dream home without sacrificing vacations for the next five years! It might take some extra work, or a bit more time, but in the end, it’s a trade worth making in my book!


Look around your home. It might not look ideal, there are probably more than a few pieces of furniture that you don’t like and the space isn’t organized the way you’d like it. But while it might seem very tempting to throw everything out and just start with a clean slate, filling it with new modern furniture, it’s actually the most expensive possible option!

A much better way to change your interior is to see how you can use what you already have and make it into something better. Try to draw a plan of your home, room by room, and plan how you can rearrange your furniture to make it look just the way you want. You don’t have to keep it all, and you can, of course, buy some extra pieces, but try to make the best out of what you already have. And if you don’t like the look of your furniture, try to think how you can change it. Repaint, add or remove covers and repurpose. You’d be surprised how much a simple lacquer layer can change the look of a table!

One man’s trash…

You might think that the things you throw away, because they have no use to you, have no use to anyone. But we all have different tastes and different needs so that bed you’re about to throw away, or your grandma’s vintage teapot that you’re finally giving up on – might be exactly what someone else needs. Organize a garage sale and sell everything you don’t want to keep.

If there’s absolutely nobody who would like to buy your old stuff, you can sell it to a scrap yard, where they will usually weigh it and pay you for the weight of the items, no matter what they are. The bottom line is – don’t just throw away the things that can end up earning you money! Same goes for buying second-hand things: go thrifting because you never know when you will find something that fits you great and someone else didn’t need anymore! You can also ask your friends or family if they have some furniture that they would like to get rid of, and that suits your needs.

Lacking space?

You probably often find yourself thinking: “If only I had more space, I could have such a nice home!” Well, to an extent, this might be true, but the amount of space isn’t the only thing that defines your home. Try moving around your furniture and see how it will look then! Some things aren’t that easy to move; things like kitchen cabinets, bath tubs, or bigger appliances require planning before acting. Consult an architect or an interior designer (and save some money by asking students, instead of hiring!) and see how you can make the most of your space.

If you have to expand your home, make sure you do it very strategically. Only add where you need it, and make sure you have a plan for how you’re going to use up that space! Also, consider that if you’re doing this you have to find a place where you and your family can live while the repairs are underway.

What not to save on

So there are many ways you can save money when remodeling, but some things you really want to get done professionally and high quality – and those are the things you don’t want to skimp on. For example, remodeling and repair jobs. You don’t want to do your own plumbing (unless if you’re a professional), nor electrical work! Also, if you’re doing some bigger remodeling jobs, like expanding your home, or doing a roof restoration, you will want to hire professionals to do the job. Doing this yourself can not only be dangerous while you’re doing it, but if done incorrectly can be dangerous down the line. So, try and save on other things and let these be the things where you pay full price to get the best quality possible.

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And there you go! If you stick to these tips you’ll find yourself in a brand new looking home in no time, and with a minimal budget! Of course, it all depends on how big your plans are, what exactly you want done and what you are willing to save on, but no matter what your choices are, this advice will definitely help you out on your remodeling journey!

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