2017 Forecast: What’s Trending in Interior Design

2017 Forecast: What’s Trending in Interior Design
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    We all know that trends come and go and, sometimes, it’s quite difficult to be acquainted with all the latest trends, especially in interior design.

    This is even more troublesome when it’s about upcoming trends of the forthcoming year.


This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to introduce you all to some of the most remarkable interior design trends for 2017. Will next year retain the familiar character of 2016 or should we expect something completely different? What fresh and innovative additions can we expect in 2017 and with what things are we going to part once the clock strikes midnight? You can find out all this in the following article.

Simple Yet Functional

Unlike the sheer minimalism of today’s spaces, 2017 is going to introduce a bit of personality into our homes. It’s time to say goodbye to sterile, impersonal environments and make room for simple homes and functional areas. Next year is going to be all about plain and straightforward designs with just a dash of creativity.

The goal is not to strip our homes bare, but to create a purposeful household. This type of residence won’t lack decorations, but even decorative objects will serve some purpose.

A Soothing Ambience

As time goes by, more people are going to get sucked into the endless whirlpool of work, chores, tasks and responsibilities without taking the appropriate amount of time to unwind and relax. Keeping this in mind, future households are going to be designed as personal sanctuaries where people will be able to ease their minds after a hard day’s work.

A soothing color palette will greatly help with achieving this type of atmosphere and more people are going to rely on neutral shades, like ivory, cream, eggshell, as well as some light alternatives of blue and grey. A design detox as they like to call it has a sole purpose of creating a balance between the body, mind and soul.

Clash of the Cultures

It seems as if millennials have started the global trend of multiculturalism, which is why it isn’t surprising that future homes are going to become more open to other cultural backgrounds. Being tolerant of others and being able to accept differences have become quite important over the years and slowly, people are starting to implement some distinctive elements of European, Asian and African origin into their homes.

In 2017, we can expect a lot of unique designs characteristic for different areas of the world, like Scandinavian weaves, oriental ornaments as well as materials and fabrics like jute and sisal.

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A Different Bathroom Perspective

The new wave of interior design trends has managed to take the bathroom experience to a completely new level. Gone are the days of using bathrooms just for washing up as starting from next year, these facilities are going to take the shape of fully-equipped living spaces. More focus is going to be placed on creating a comfy ambience by placing cosy furniture pieces, as well as putting up art and decorations.

Still Going Green

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed a huge shift in sustainable development and more people are introducing eco-friendly practices into their homes. Lush greenery is still going strong even during the next year, while energy star labelled appliances are definitely taking over. Wonderful outdoor spaces are still very desirable and creating extraordinary designs by using decorative concrete, flowers and exotic plants is going to prevail in 2017.

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Simplicity, functionality, sustainability and culture are the terms that are going to mark the interior design trends for 2017. Break out of your shell and embrace some of the world’s most spectacular ideas for creating a dazzling home. Professionals have agreed that this forecast is going to determine the trends for next year.

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