Advice on How to Build Your Own Wood Bar

Advice on How to Build Your Own Wood Bar
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    Having a bar in your home is on the list of every man.

    There is nothing better than having a place where you can chill out with your friends while enjoying your favorite beverage.


Now this doesn’t have to be anything special and complicated, even a simple wood bar will be enough, but this is not something that people do often and most of them didn’t do a DIY project like this ever.

That is why we are here. In this article, we will go over all steps that you need to follow if you want to make your very own wood bar. So read carefully and pay attention otherwise your bar might end up as a failed DIY project.

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Make detailed plan

First of all, every good DIY project needs to have a detailed plan of action. This includes writing down every part that you need, dimensions of said parts, deciding on the place of the bar, a detailed schematic of the bar, where are you getting supplies for it, etc. Everything that comes to your mind, write it down, so you can later check for it.

Probably the most important of above-mentioned items is schematic of the bar. Without it, there will be no bar. It contains all necessary information about the bar itself like dimensions of the wood pieces, where they need to go, how to assemble them, etc. We will not talk about precise measures and schematics because people have different sizes of space available and some like small bars and others like them long. No matter what group you belong in and how much space you have available a bar is a bar, regardless of how many bar stools it has.

Additionally, you can get schematics with detailed designs and various looks and styles from the internet or you can design it yourself. Even though the second option might seem more in style with DIY, if you don’t have much time to waste on calculating and designing your own bar, getting one from the internet is perfectly reasonable.

What tools you need

After you have made your plan of action it is necessary to acquire all tools for the job. It all depends on what type of bar you are building, but in most situations, you will be using these tools:

Table saw for cutting down the wood pieces. You might get all wood parts that fit your measurements, but if you don’t, you will need to cut them down to the right size. Next one is an electric drill/ screwdriver. As you already realize, you will use this to screw together the pieces. And lastly electric sander, for polishing the wood surfaces. Also, you should get the hammer, chisel, and framing square, there is always a use for these three.

Don’t forget that you can borrow these tools from your neighbor or family. If you don’t already own them, then it is probably better to borrow them for a few days than to buy brand new ones and waste your bar budget.

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Work slowly and don’t rush

Lastly, when you start with cutting, sanding, and screwing, take your time and don’t rush. By rushing your DIY project you won’t accomplish anything other than risk making a mistake. Measure twice and cut once as they say. Ultimately, this project should be something fun that relaxes you and not something that is rushed and stressed over.

And that is all from our article. We hope that you learned everything that you need to know about building a wood bar yourself. This is nothing too complicated, it just requires patience and a bit of planning. Once you nail down the design everything else will be much easier.

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