Nursery Decoration Tips

Nursery Decoration Tips
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    So, the baby is on its way and you want the nursery to be perfect.

    Traditionally, these rooms don’t reach their full decorative potential, but making the nursery look interesting to your newborn will have a tremendous impact on its development.


Stimulating surroundings and lively colors are the name of the game here, so here are some decorative ideas for your baby’s room.

The Colors

One of the main traditionalist ideas behind any type of a nursery is the good old “blue is for boys and pink is for girls”. Not only does this idea support gender prejudice, but it is also rather typical and, well, boring. Instead of going the traditional, choose pastels and gentle hues for your baby’s surroundings. Go for the color palette that includes beige, pale turquoise, light gray, soft terracotta – basically, colors that bring softness and purity into a room.

Creating a contrast is a smart idea, so you should aim at including details in more vibrant colors, such as gold, orange and green.


There’s nothing wrong with going traditional when it comes to the crib – vintage is actually very trendy. You should be aware, however, that there are many modern and stylish crib options that tend to be significantly more comfortable than the older ones. Transparent acrylic cribs and those with carefully embellished canopies are an excellent choice and are likely to find their way into many modern nurseries. Finally, be careful if you are planning on going with the vintage look – old wood often comes with splinters and rot – definitely not a safe environment for your newborn.


Parents are often afraid of bringing the nature into their newborn’s room for some reason. Teaching the children to cherish and take care of the environment should start as early as possible. What better way to do this than by bringing the nature to them. Of course, having a plant or two inside a nursery (although far away from the crib) is acceptable, but you can do even more by simply focusing on nature-inspired motifs. Use natural materials, such as wood for cribs, shelves, floors and toy boxes.

Additionally, including pictures and wallpapers that depict natural surroundings is crucial for your child’s development. Animal prints and designs are a great idea for any nursery.

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Keeping the Little One’s Mind Busy

Developing a baby’s mind in terms of creativity and general intelligence starts in the nursery. The best way to spark up the little one’s imagination is by applying interesting visuals for them to enjoy, such as wall murals, colorful artwork and other interesting items that can be found in any well-equipped baby boutique – anything from toys to interesting bed sheets will do the trick.

Open-Floor Nursery

Open-floor plans are pretty much the most frequent issue up for discussion among interior designers – the concept of bringing the kitchen, the dining room and the living room into a single common area is a rather prospective one, especially if your home isn’t too spacious. Well this general idea can easily be applied to the parents’ bedroom and the nursery – constantly being able to keep an eye on one’s children makes the parents’ lives significantly easier. As is the case with open-floor plans, you should aim at visual separation, when it comes to defining spaces – always go for a different shade of the same color for your walls, floors and the ceiling, and keep the two themes separate, but relatable – the majority of baby shops offer items for the parents, as well as the baby.

Nursery decorations should include interesting designs that encourage your newborn’s creativity, but also calming natural themes that will help your child adjust to the world. Invest some time and money in order to create a perfect place for your brand new family member.

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