Den of Slumber: Master Your Bedroom Design With These Simple Steps

Den of Slumber: Master Your Bedroom Design With These Simple Steps
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    The most important features in your bedroom solely depends on your personal needs.

    You're the master of your domain and might use your bedroom in different ways than other people.


While some design their bedroom for sleep alone, others use it as their sanctuary of relaxation, and others keep a television on when laying in bed. Do you like it pitch black or does a night light offer a glimmer of comfort? Consider your needs when re-designing your bedroom.

A Cloud of Fluffy Goodness

Your comforter could make or break your sleep. If you own a feather-filled variety, check the down comforters to be sure it’s not deteriorating. If it seems to have flattened areas and your duvet is around 10-years-old, it’s time for a new one. It can’t hurt to freshen up your bed by adding new pillows and sheets every couple of years, too. You can find a beautifully patterned duvet cover online, change your pillow design or paint a wall to shift your personal space from uninspiring to intimate.

Remove the TV

Whether you choose to have a television in your room or not, there are reasons to consider slowly unplugging it from the bedroom wall and attaching it to an outlet in another room (not your kid’s). says good things happen when you eliminate the bedroom television: less dust (televisions attract it), more reading (which increases brain activity, functionality and helps you fall asleep more soundly) and a better connection with the natural earth (you’re using less electricity and energy).

Turn the Light Off

It’s an interesting phenomenon — the night light. Some people need it for comfort and others simply to see where they’re going when they get up in the dark of the night. Did you know that you produce the highest amount of melatonin in complete darkness because the pineal gland that produces it is sensitive to light? This is according to the, who reports that Dr. Russel Reiter, a melatonin expert at the University of Texas, says that to get enough sleep, darken the room as much as possible. Use curtains to block out light and face your clocks away from you. If you need to get up, put a dim flashlight beside your bed so you don’t shock your brain with bright light.

Color the Walls

Mastering your domain can be achieved with a few small steps. Whether you like painting or not, at least one colored wall can change the entire feel of your bedroom. It can help you sleep better at night and give you renewed energy in the morning. lists extensive information on how color can effect your mood. Here’s a summary:

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  • Red – creates an active space that can draw people together and stimulate
  • Blue – by keeping blues warm and light, a calming and relaxing space can be achieved
  • Orange – evokes energy but might be too enthusiastic for a bedroom (great for an exercise room or breakfast nook)
  • Purple – use darker shades of purple for luxury and lighter shades for relaxation
  • Green – brings a calm peacefulness to a space and is considered ideal for any room

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