7 Kitchen Updates That Won’t Bust Your Budget

7 Kitchen Updates That Won’t Bust Your Budget
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    Your heart says "renovation," but your mind says "wait" when it comes to planning your kitchen home improvement project.


This is a job you would like to get done next year, but the reality is that an extra year of planning and saving might be necessary to bring that about. In the meantime, there are some interim upgrades that you can perform now as you await your next major kitchen renovation.

1. Fresh paint.

A coat of fresh paint can do wonders for any room, including the kitchen. Visit your local home store, review your color choices and find one that can give this room a fresh look. Consider keeping the lower parts of the wall white to match your counters, adding yellow to the top for a fresh-squeezed lemonade look.

2. Cabinet accents.

Why not give your kitchen cabinets a makeover without replacing the cabinet faces? White or dark wood cabinets can be reinvigorated with a fresh splash of color, offering a subtle contrast to vibrant flooring of dramatic counter finishes.

3. Lighting upgrades.

With a fresh coat of paint on the walls and on the cabinet faces, you can bring out these changes by upgrading the kitchen lighting. Track lighting can accent a china cabinet while drop-down pendants can highlight a work area or an island. Add visual appeal by opting for oversized pendants.

4. Use artwork.

Perhaps your kitchen has a bare wall or an open area where it may seem that something is missing. Quite easily, you can place a favorite piece of artwork on the wall — a picture, a banner or even art ledges to highlight your prints, knick knacks or framed postcards. With art ledges you can easily rotate your display seasonally.

5. Butcher-block counters.

That island countertop is old, worn and actually takes away from your kitchen. Counter tops are expensive unless you look for low maintenance butcher block. You can use mineral oil to maintain your counters and you will still need to use a chopping block or a cutting board to avoid getting it damaged. Still, repairs are easy to make, something a little sand paper and mineral oil can handle.

6. Wall runner.

Add contrast to your kitchen by a wall runner behind a stove, as a splash guard or along the tops of the ceilings. Use tiles, contrasting paint colors or wall paper to bring out a look that will give your kitchen pop. Use such accents sparingly and carefully.

7. Decorative touches.

Upgrade your kitchen’s visual appeal by bringing in select decorative touches. Wainscoting, molding and chair rails can instantly transform your kitchen. Even subtle changes such as wood supports placed underneath counter ends can give your kitchen a luxurious touch.

Kitchen Budgets

For less than $1,000 you can make most of these upgrades and if you have $2,000 budgeted, you can employ all seven. That amount pales to the $30,000 to more than $100,000 that a kitchen renovation might cost you, perhaps buying you one, two, three or more years before you make that investment.

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