Remodeling Your Master Bedroom on a Budget

Remodeling Your Master Bedroom on a Budget
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    Home renovations do not have to be expensive in order to create an effective reconfiguration of a room or a dramatic change to its appearance.


Whether your master bedroom renovation is a $10,000 project or a $1,000 project, following a few steps can help you dramatically decrease the expense of the renovation and to remodel the space on a budget.

Assess Your Needs

Many home renovations become more expensive as the project progresses. Homeowners may decide to upgrade materials or decide that they might as well make other changes that come to mind. Realistically assessing your needs before you begin the renovation and committing to the original plan can help you keep the project within your budget. Impulse purchases can add up quickly, so have a plan. Throwing a few extra dollars in one area is fine, but if you put just a little more into everything your budget might double without you even realizing.

Pick A Style That Will Last

Redoing a bedroom is ideally a project that will keep you happy for a long time, that is if you are redecorating everything from drapes to carpet. If you have decided to do an overhaul be sure to pick something that you will like for a while. If you aren’t sure about a style but want to go for it, you should think twice. Don’t write it off completely but trying easy and cheap looks in that style is recommended. Then you can decide if it’s the real deal, or just a fad. One thing is for sure, you won’t want to put the time, work, and money into redoing your entire bedroom every year or two so if your going to make big changes be sure they are flexible for small future changes and you’re not stuck with something you will hate in sixteen months.

Do the Easy Work Yourself

Some homeowners outsource every single project to professional contractors. This dramatically increases the cost of the renovation. Some jobs are best left to professionals like Jackson Design & Remodeling, such as installing custom cabinets. Other jobs can be completed by amateurs. Wall repairs, painting and replacing flooring are relatively easy DIY-friendly projects. If you must hire a contractor for work, get multiple bids and ask for discounts.

Go Shopping

Shopping at a variety of locations can help you decrease the cost of your renovation and make it easier to stay on budget. Use various stores to compare the cost of items. Consider purchasing used items, such as your bed, area rug, mirror, tables and other furniture pieces and accessories. Buying vintage or used items can add character to your space while helping you stay at a comfortable price point.

Find Affordable Financing

Some homeowners prefer to take a home equity loan to complete their bedroom remodeling project. However, these types of loans tie up your assets and can cost you your house if you default on your payments.

Financing a home renovation does not need to come at a large expense. By being cautious about the amount you spend and being conscious of your budget, you can decrease the amount you borrow. Cheap interest credit cards can help you finance your bedroom remodeling project at an affordable rate that you can afford to pay back quickly.



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