Make Your Home More Livable This Year

Make Your Home More Livable This Year
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    You have considered selling your home in a bid to trade it for one that suits your current and future needs, but you realize that the cost of moving, the time needed to make that move and related inconveniences makes this option unappealing.

    Instead, you have decided to make some changes to your current home, to transform it into something that you want it to be.


You are in good company if you go through with your plans to renovate and stay put. Although millions of Americans will move this year, many more will stay where they live and make changes to their abodes as needed. The following are some ideas on how you can make your current home more livable this year.

Bathroom Makeover

Are you dissatisfied with your current bathroom? Gut it and you will spend upwards of $30,000 for a new one. However, you can significantly reduce your costs by concentrating on what you like least about this room.

For starters, consider the tub. Is it too big or is it too difficult to access? Older Americans may desire to age in their homes and that means installing a slip proof floor, opting for an elevated toilet seat and installing a walk-in tub. Handrails, grab bars and hooks can make your bathroom safer and more sensible for you too.

Walk-In Pantry

Kitchen cabinets can hold much stuff, but accessing what you need when you need it can be difficult. You may need a step stool some of the time and a small ladder at other times to reach top shelf items.

No need to get rid of cabinet space, but consider how you are using your pantry if you are using it at all. Remove the door, install floor to eye level shelving and make it a walk-in pantry. It is easy to convert an existing closet or to install built-in shelving that can provide similar benefits.

Window Updates

Your windows are where they are at with no chance of moving them, right? If you have a view that you enjoy, such as an expansive backyard or a scenic side yard, replace a solitary window with a larger one or group several windows together to give a room a new look.

You can also bring in more natural light by installing skylights in dark, upper floor rooms. This may be critically important to you if the short, poorly lit days of winter are getting on your nerves.

Furniture Changes

You do not have to make radical structural changes to make over your home. Indeed, changes in the way that you lay out your furniture can dramatically update the way that your home looks.

This may mean eliminating unnecessary pieces that crowd a room, the type of furniture downsizing that real estate agents advise when you are staging your home. A cluttered wall, somber colors and poor lighting are problems that can be easily fixed with new pillows, curtains and wall colors transforming a room and even a home, quickly.

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