How to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover

How to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover
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    The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the home - as well as the most personal.

    So, I think this means it's a really exciting space to redecorate, since you can let your creative flair run wild, and add a little comfort where it matters most - but just how do you go about giving your bedroom a new lease of life?


Obviously, a lot of the steps you can take will be dependent on your personal situation (such as if you’re single or married, for example), your taste and your budget, so I’ve tried to keep the steps below as broadly applicable as possible. Fingers crossed this will mean you can use them as a guide no matter what your plans are!

Pick an Overall Style/Theme

With any home decorating project, the first step is to decide on an overall design scheme or style you’d like to work to. This could be something very specific, like a Victorian-style bedroom or country-cottage theme, or a theme that’s little less prescriptive – you might simply be after a light, airy, uncluttered look, for example.

If you do opt for a broader theme, though, remember to really think about how each purchase you make and every element you change will work alongside your other alterations. Otherwise, it’ll be tricky to achieve a cohesive look.

Walls and Flooring

It’s surprising what a lick of painting and some new flooring can do – and, personally, I think it’s these elements that really help transform your bedroom, as opposed to just replacing the furniture.

Let’s look at walls first. To a certain extent, these will be restricted by what you currently have and your budget – bare brick walls, for example, could be a decidedly difficult goal if you have little money to spare and plastered walls – but the good news is there are lots of options to choose from.
The easiest thing is to experiment with paint or even wallpaper. As a general tip, if you’ve got a small room, pale shades will give a greater feeling or space than dark ones.

In terms of floors, some of your choices include hardwood, laminate, carpet and rugs. If you have plenty of cash, hardwood teamed with cosy rugs is a killer combination for comfort and style, but personally I think buying laminate floors from companies such as UK Flooring Direct is a much more realistic option for most of us.

You can get this to mimic different woods – like oak and pine – as well as in a range of colours. So, it’s also handy for creating funky, unusual interiors.

Pick Out New Furniture or Accessorise the Old

Of course, when giving your bedroom a makeover, furniture is bound to come into the equation. You can either pick out new pieces (beds are the most common candidate, since they’re the focal point of the room), or transform the old.

You could paint your current wardrobe, for example, invest in some snazzy new sheets, cushions and throws for your bed, or treat yourself to a pretty and sophisticated new headboard. 

Be Smart With Storage

When giving your bedroom a makeover, investing in new storage solutions is a real unsung hero (or I think so, anyway!). As well as giving you lots more room, things like wardrobes, storage chests that double as seats, and shelving can all improve the overall look of the place.

There are two main directions you can take with storage – one is having it relatively hidden for a clean look (think minimalist designs) and the other is using it for display. The latter can be either by choosing a particularly decorative piece of furniture, or something that allows you to put its contents on display. You can pick which is best for you based on the overall style you’re looking for.

Another small tip for those short of space – wardrobes with sliding doors and under-bed storage units can help you maximise the room you have and reduce clutter.



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