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Just Bath

All You Need To Know About Keeping A Ceramic Basin Clean And Shiny

Basins are popular these days and are used in kitchens and bathrooms widely. But the most popular one is a ceramic basin.


Sunday Morning Tip for April 18: 5 Spring Cleaning Projects to Start Right When the Weather Gets Warmer

Now that warmer weather has finally arrived and you wake to the sounds of birds singing, you know it’s time to get started with your spring cleaning. However, as you look around your home and yard, you may be having a tough time deciding which tasks to tackle first.


How Professional Cleaning Helps In Preserving The Integrity of The Office In COVID-19?

The pandemic of COVID-19 is giving nightmares to everyone. It is a widespread disease that has already taken tolls of lives. But, keeping work on hold and sitting at home will affect the entire business poorly.


Sunday Morning Tip for Dec 20: Renovation Clean Up Tips For Unwanted Rubbish

Renovation may be a stressful undertaking, but it is very rewarding once everything is finished. Apart from making your space look better and presentable, it allows you to restructure and change the patterns and arrangements in it.

Swimming Pools

Why Use The Service of Gold Coast Pool Renovations?

A lot of households have pools. Even buildings have indoor pools for the tenants there as these can provide relaxation and fun anytime you want. It is a perfect distraction from your everyday busy life.


4 Things You Need to Do to Prepare Your Home for Your Christmas Party

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start planning your annual holiday party.


Why the Retail Cleaning Industry Isn’t Happy About Steam Cleaners

Have you heard of steam cleaning? It’s a type of household cleaning that’s essential if you or your loved ones have allergies or weak immune systems.


Five Tips and Tricks for Your Most Successful Spring Cleaning Yet

It’s coming up to that time of year again, the illusive spring cleaning time. Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, and it’s not uncommon to give up before you even start.

General News

Important Spaces to Clean After Renovation

The usual weekly cleaning of your home is not such a big deal, considering that you probably perform it at least every week. That is an important activity which gives you the guarantee that you’ve taken good care of your place and that you have provided yourself and your family with the necessary sanitizing cares for a safe and healthy indoor living space.


8 Smart and Easy Home Cleaning Tips

Keeping your home clean can seem like a challenge. Even more challenging is finding the time to get the work done.

Exterior Home

This Old Brick House and Power Cleaning

Tweet If you’re lucky, brick maintenance should come easy, something that you can tackle with a garden hose, a power washer and some oxygen bleach. 1. Assemble your tools. Your

Home Buying-Selling

Extreme Staging for Home Sellers

Tweet She sees the clutter and you see a lived in home, but what you both may be missing is that only extreme staging will sell your home. Read on

Home Interior

5 Home Remodeling Safety Tips

Tweet Your upcoming home remodeling work will take place with you and your family remaining in the home. This option may be the most cost effective approach to improving your


The 5 Minute Bathroom Cleaning Solution

Its another Saturday and you find yourself assembling your cleaning solutions, a sponge, broom and mop, with plans to clean your bathrooms. A through cleaning will have both bathrooms whipped into shape within the hour, but you can’t help think, “there must be a better way.”

Home Interior

Home Improvement Preparation Tips

If you’re planning a home improvement project this year there are several things you’ll want to take care of being starting your project.

Home Structure

7 DIY Jobs Before the Holidays

Tweet The holiday season is fast approaching which means you’ll want your home to look its best before guests show up. Major products should be done well before Thanksgiving, but

Siding / Exterior Decor

You Can Pressure Wash Your Vinyl Siding

Tweet How to clean your home’s siding. My neighbor was worried that the vinyl siding he installed on his house last year would not be able to hold up under


How to Pressure Clean Your Deck

Your deck provides months of outdoor living pleasure for you and your family, enabling you to entertain guests, spend time with your children or grandchildren and avoid the hassles of dealing with the lawn and bugs just to have access to the great outdoors.

Home Structure

Simple, Yet Tricky Home Repairs

Once you have been in a home for over five years, you really do start to see some wear and tear. Especially if you bought a new construction home, those first few honeymoon years, your house was looking great and spotless.