You Can Pressure Wash Your Vinyl Siding

You Can Pressure Wash Your Vinyl Siding
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    You can pressure wash your vinyl siding in confidence and admire your work once done.

    Most home power washing projects can be handled within a few hours.


How to clean your home’s siding.

My neighbor was worried that the vinyl siding he installed on his house last year would not be able to hold up under power washing. His worries were misplaced, having earlier experienced problems with aluminum siding that was in poor condition and flaked when power washed. Be rest assured: if your vinyl siding has been correctly installed, it’ll look much better following a thorough washing.

You can pressure wash your vinyl siding in confidence and admire your work once done. Most home power washing projects can be handled within a few hours unless your home is multiple stories. If the latter, you may want to hire a company to do the job for you. Otherwise, scaffolding and possessing the nerve to work two or three stories from the ground are important.

Here is how you can pressure wash your home yourself:

Rent a pressure washer.

You can rent a pressure washer by the day, finding some equipment at local hardware stores and equipment renting companies. You’ll be working with equipment that generates intense pressure, therefore be advised that a nozzle offering 25 degree coverage is important according to the DIY Network. [1]

Cover fixtures and close windows.

You can bust a light fixture with a power wash, therefore avoid aiming your washer near lights. Just in case, cover these fixtures with plastic — you don’t want water to seep in and cause a short. Of course, your windows should be closed — ensure that each window is tightly sealed or you could be in for a rude surprise inside.

Trim overgrown shrubbery.

Any plants or shrubs having contact with your siding should be trimmed according to Lowe’s. Mold, mildew and algae growth are problems that can be minimized or averted if the greenery does not have contact with the house. [2] Cover over delicate plants with a plastic tarp. Rinse away residual soap when you’re done power washing.

Wash your home.

Work on one side of the home before moving on to the next advises Lowe’s. Pick a day that is not windy and be mindful that direct sunlight can cause the cleaning agent to dry too soon. For sides of homes with maximum sun exposure, consider cleaning that section early or late, when the sun’s full force is not evident.

Read the instructions that come with your pressure washer to ensure that your home is properly cleaned. Avoid power lines and don’t use a ladder at the pressure will cause you to fall. Scaffolding or some other secured surface works best. Lastly, check your vinyl siding before beginning work. If a section is loose, it could unfasten and break.


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