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Kitchen and Dining

General Facts You Should Know About Dumbwaiters

Most people have no idea what dumbwaiters are. The name might seem funny for you but the truth is that these items are quite useful in various circumstances.


Your Guide to Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is the interior trend that has swept the home renovation scene in recent years.


8 Smart and Easy Home Cleaning Tips

Keeping your home clean can seem like a challenge. Even more challenging is finding the time to get the work done.

Home Structure

The Post-Remodel Expenses You Should Plan for (but Probably Haven’t)

So its happened—the last worker and contractor has come and gone, the last hardware store run has been made, and your home remodel is done with everything covered and under budget. Or has it?


What You Did Not Know About Home Contractors

Tweet That goes the same for the contractor you haven’t hired yet, but think might work out based on some assumptions you have made. General contracting is not rocket science,

Home Buying-Home Selling

5 Tips for Buying a Foreclosure

Tweet Yet, there are hundreds of thousands of homes that are currently in foreclosure with many more expected this year. And if you’re in Florida, Maryland, Illinois, Nevada or Utah,

Closet Systems

Do It Yourself Closets: They Don’t Have to Be Magical

Not so long ago, the Harry Potter series of novels had a generation of children running around, waving magic wands and attempting to do complicated spells.


Why Should You Hire a House Cleaning Service?

In these modern days, many people cannot find time to clean their homes because of a hectic schedule of daily responsibilities at work.

Energy Savings

Home Improvement Strategies to Save Energy in Winter

It is a well-known fact that an uncomfortable home is associated with high costs. The winter further increases your discomfort by making your home chillingly cold. The season also heightens your heating bills.

News Releases

Aging in Place or Senior Housing: Considerations

Your home is your castle, but as you age it may seem more like a prison than a place to reside. For millions of Americans, the transition from their home to senior housing seems inevitable.

Home Renovation

Safety Tips for Home Renovating

Renovating your home can be a huge project that requires a great deal of knowledge and experience in construction. Painting, adding trim, building additional walls, tearing down the old walls and installing a new floor are several examples of the renovation projects that people try to accomplish themselves.

Pest Control

5 Signs of Termites and How to Eradicate Them

Tweet And that would be termite infestation, the top threat to wood-based structures, exceeding the annual damage from fire, floods and wind damage. Fortunately, with regular attention on your part,

Home Safety

Fire Safety Tools & How to Care for Them

Tweet For homes with multiple floors, detectors should be located on each level. A fire extinguisher can be useful too and kept in the kitchen to handle grease fires. You

Green Home

Green Home Renovation Trends For 2014

Tweet The survey from Hanley Wood reveals that there was a 10 percent increase in remodeling sales in 2013 compared to the previous year and further increases are expected in

Pest Control

6 Tips to Get Rid of the 6 Legged This Year

Tweet So what do you do when you see a pest here and a bed bug there, gradually infesting your home? Do you run out of your home in panic?


Avoid Cluttering In Your Home So It Sells Fast

Tweet Since real estate prices seem to be going higher and higher with easy passing day this task has become all the more difficult to achieve. Thus in such time


First Home Considerations and Tips

Tweet While there is room for economic improvement nearly everywhere, first-time home shoppers may find the market approachable with good values and low mortgage rates to be had. The following

Home Safety

Fire Door Security Tips

Tweet If you’re looking at trading out doors for new fire doors doing it at the time of a remodel or renovation can save both time and money because several

Home Renovation

How to Survive a Home Renovation Project

Tweet In reality, home renovation projects require much patience and not a little resolve on the part of homeowners. Managing your expectations is essential too as well as showing much

Home Interior

Mother-Daughter Home Considerations

Tweet That other person may be your mother, another relative, a friend, or even a stranger. In these cases you’re considering making your home livable for one more individual, a