Sunday Morning Tip for Dec 20: Renovation Clean Up Tips For Unwanted Rubbish

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for Dec 20:</span> Renovation Clean Up Tips For Unwanted Rubbish
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    Renovation may be a stressful undertaking, but it is very rewarding once everything is finished.

    Apart from making your space look better and presentable, it allows you to restructure and change the patterns and arrangements in it.


Renovation may be a stressful undertaking, but it is very rewarding once everything is finished. Apart from making your space look better and presentable, it allows you to restructure and change the patterns and arrangements in it.

But before you can enjoy your newly renovated space, there’s still a lot of cleaning to do. This involves scrubbing floors, removing trash, and cleaning up unwanted rubbish from the debris that was left during reconstruction.

Your home or office now looks great, but how should you deal with the heap of unwanted wood, metal, paint cans, and plastic that are loitering around? Post-renovation clean up may quickly fizzle your energy, but you don’t have to worry much about it.

In this article, you’ll be learning tips on how to efficiently clean up all those debris and extra materials that are lying around in the wake of a renovation project.

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Materials Needed

Let’s start with the cleaning materials that you need. You don’t need a lot, but make sure you have the basics, which would include the following:

  1. Vacuum cleaner
  2. Duster
  3. Scraper/Knife
  4. Soft Broom

Now, if you have the materials ready, it’s time to take note of the following clean up tips:

Dispose Of Large Unwanted Trash

Large trash could include parts of old ceilings, broken furniture, paint buckets, and concrete or wooden debris that are usually left in the aftermath of a thorough renovation process. They are usually difficult and very tough to get rid of as they are often too large for a waste bin.

Worse, some of them are usually heavy and have sharp edges that are dangerous. They can also cause injuries and obstruct movement while other cleanup and finishing processes are being carried out.

If you like, you can employ rubbish removal services to take care of these. It is recommendable to hire professionals when it comes to large construction waste, as they can be handled better and disposed of safely.

Getting a very good rubbish removal service is as important as the renovation process itself. Always go for waste removal companies that offer quality, affordable, and immediate rubbish removal services.

You can check out a rubbish removal service’s website, such as, to know more which cleanup services they offer.

Scrape Floors And Surfaces

After taking care of large unwanted rubbish, the floors and glass surfaces should be scraped to remove sticky dirt. You might also find that there are flakes of paint, adhesive substances, and other building materials that are on these surfaces after renovation.

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To remove sticky dirt on floors and surfaces, you can use a scraper or small knife. This process could be very tedious as it involves paying attention to the tiniest dots of paint.

It is hence advisable to get help from friends or family to make the work faster and more meticulous. You can hire professional help, too. The scrapings should be done very carefully to avoid leaving scratches on the surfaces.

Dust Off Dirt From Furniture And Appliances

Your shelves, tabletops, refrigerators, fans, and other appliances would be covered in dust and particles right after a renovation. The flaky bits of paint you just scraped have probably fallen off and landed on your table. The blades of your ceiling fan, window blinds, and grates would also have harbored huge amounts of dust, debris, and tiny particles.

To get rid of these, start by using a soft broom to dust the surfaces very carefully. This would help you sweep off large dust particles and would leave you with smaller ones to deal with.

This process should be done carefully without pressure to avoid breaking surfaces and delicate parts of your appliances. To remove small dirt, use a soft duster on every surface.

You should pay special attention to the furniture. Tiny dust would always find its way and settle on sofas and cushions. Dust could also hide in the corner of your shelves.

You must remove all books, picture frames, and other things on your shelf before you begin dusting. If these pieces have already accumulated dust, you must wipe them off as well.

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Sweep The Room And Mop All Surfaces

Use a vacuum to clean off all the dirt and dust that have fallen on the floor. Sweep every nook and cranny of the room, including walls and ceilings. Use a tall broom or climb up a ladder to reach the corners of ceilings and high walls.

After sweeping and dusting everything, get a mop to wipe the floors with. You should also get a damp piece of cloth to thoroughly wipe window panes, flower vases, picture frames, glasses, fan blades, shelves, lighting fixtures, and other accessories. Don’t forget to disinfect all areas to make them germ-free.

A good renovation project should leave your room or office looking brand new. It’s also a great idea to get a well-scented air freshener to give your space a fresh and invigorating fragrance.


The beauty of a renovated area can only be appreciated when the post-renovation cleanup is done thoroughly. While you can do all these yourself, it would not hurt to employ professional help either. Rubbish removal services and professional cleaning services can also take care of these things while you just wait and later enjoy the reveal of your newly renovated space!

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