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Bed and Bath

How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger Without Changing its Footprint

Tweet In this market, homeowners may not be willing to invest huge sums of money in a room they use less frequently than a kitchen or bedroom. A bathroom renovation

Home Renovation

Do I Need a Construction Permit?

Tweet Unfortunately, these homeowners may be doing something wrong and if caught they could pay fines and penalties. Getting caught seems nearly impossible – how would the town know? Many


Can You Handle Being Your Own General Contractor?

You’re skilled enough to handle many of the tasks needed to get done around your home, but not everything.

Home Financing

Should I Refinance Now or Wait?

Tweet Homeowners who haven’t refinanced over the past several years may believe they missed out on a good thing. Certainly, if you refinanced before the market crash of 2008, there

Home Financing

HEL and HELOC Considerations

Tweet Still, if you have lived in your home for many years, perhaps 10 or 15 years or longer, then you may still have enough equity remaining to borrow. Your

Home Values

How to Challenge Your Property Tax Assessment

Tweet Despite declining home values, many homeowners are not seeing their property taxes decline or at least at a rate they believe should reflect current market conditions. Also, if you’ve

Yard and Garden

How to Construct a Bird-Friendly Yard

Tweet For less than $100 and for just a few hours of your time, you can create a bird-friendly environment. Certainly, you can invest more money if you want to


Home Renovation Safety

Tweet While DIY home renovations can be a good way to save money in these tough economic times, failing to take proper safety measures or complete the work “to code”

General News

When Considering a Home Warranty

Tweet Is a home warranty worth it? If you are buying or selling a home, a home warranty may come up in the price negotiation, something the buyer may want

Bed and Bath

MOEN SaturDIY Makeovers

Update your bathroom or kitchen in about a day for around a thousand dollars.

Watch interior designer and DIY consultant, Martin Amado, show these homeowners how a remodel lite project can refresh a room without breaking a budget or wasting a weekend.

Home Renovation

Smart Home Renovating in a Dicey Market

Tweet As of this publication, home values have not reached bottom in many markets. That means your home may still decline in price with some analysts now saying that the

Home Structure

By the Seasons: The Best Time to Remodel

Tweet Remodeling your home can be done at any time of the year, but as you can imagine there are certain times, such as December, when you might prefer to

Home Interior Design

Simple, but Profound Home Entryway Renovation Tips

Tweet One of the first impressions visitors get when stepping in your home is your entranceway. When nicely decorated, this section of your home can do more to invite your

Home Renovation

Beach Home Remodeling and Decorating Tips

Tweet From New England to the mid-Atlantic region, beach homes get the most use from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. Beginning in April and lasting well into June,

Home Renovation

Why You Should Renovate Your Home Now

Tweet Rising material costs, inflation weigh in. Most homeowners don’t like to rush into new projects, perhaps realizing that without careful planning, they’ll pay more for a project then necessary

Home Renovation

Should You Renovate or Should You Move?

Taking on a home improvement project makes sense for many homeowners as the work gets done while you’re still living in the home. No need to move out, at least temporarily, unless the entire home is being gutted.

Home Safety

Should You Invest in a Storm Shelter?

Tweet Winds topped out at 210 mph, strong enough to sweep brick homes off of foundations.1 Hackelburg Tornado Rated an EF-5, the Hackleburg Tornado was one of the most destructive


Great Looking, Durable, Affordable and Easy-to-Install

Selecting a floor….you know how it’s done. First, you choose the look you like – stones, woods, perhaps something avant-garde?


How to Pressure Clean Your Deck

Your deck provides months of outdoor living pleasure for you and your family, enabling you to entertain guests, spend time with your children or grandchildren and avoid the hassles of dealing with the lawn and bugs just to have access to the great outdoors.


Porch Renovation Ideas in Time for Summer

Tweet Do you enjoy your porch? Would you like to get more out of it? You can and the cost can range from investing a few hundred dollars to much