The 5 Minute Bathroom Cleaning Solution

The 5 Minute Bathroom Cleaning Solution
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    Its another Saturday and you find yourself assembling your cleaning solutions, a sponge, broom and mop, with plans to clean your bathrooms.

    A through cleaning will have both bathrooms whipped into shape within the hour, but you can't help think, "there must be a better way."


Well, there is. And that better way is five minute cleanings the likes of which will still leave your bathroom sparking and smelling great. Read on for tips on how to reduce your weekly bathroom cleanings to just five minutes per week.

1. Clean as you go.

Chances are the bulk of your work each week is cleaning up the assembled crud that gathers on the sink, around the toilet in the bathtub or shower stall. You can greatly reduce this problem by insisting that everyone wipe down sinks, wipe off toilets and rinse the shower. A “clean as you go” approach will remove the biggest time suck of your cleaning endeavor.

2. Install a squeegee.

Besides ensuring that the shower is wiped down, you can remove excess water with a squeegee. Install a squeegee and require that it be used after each shower usage. Keep a shower cleaner mist handy too and have users spray the curtain before leaving the bathroom.

3. Remove the shower curtain.

If you do not have a washable shower curtain installed, then replace it with one that can be tossed in the wash. Spraying the curtain with a shower mist is not a cure all, but removing the curtain from the shower and tossing it in the wash every other month can make it look new again.

4. Use paper towels.

Keep a roll of paper towels handy in the bathroom for quick clean ups between weekly cleanings. During the week, spend a few seconds wiping down door handles, switch plates and other surfaces to thwart a build up of dust and gunk.

5. Keep trash bags handy.

On the inside of the bathroom trash containers and below the open bag, you can keep your stash of unused trash bags. When the bag fills up, instruct the person to use it last to remove the old bag and replace it with a new one.

6. Vacuum, don’t sweep.

The next time you vacuum, head into the bathroom with your vacuum cleaner and pick up debris with it, not your sweeper. To get into tight areas, such as around the toilet, you will need to attach a brush. Follow up with a light damp mopping to keep your bathroom floors looking great all week long.

Bathroom Short Cuts

You can save time on bathroom clean ups by keeping some of your cleaning supplies on hand in the bathroom. Set aside room inside the cabinet to stash away what you will need later. When you’re ready to clean you’ll grab what you need, use it and put it back in its place again, saving you time to do other things.

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