Sunday Morning Tip for April 18: 5 Spring Cleaning Projects to Start Right When the Weather Gets Warmer

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for April 18:</span> 5 Spring Cleaning Projects to Start Right When the Weather Gets Warmer
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    Now that warmer weather has finally arrived and you wake to the sounds of birds singing, you know it's time to get started with your spring cleaning. However, as you look around your home and yard, you may be having a tough time deciding which tasks to tackle first.


To make your life easier, here are five spring cleaning projects you should always do as soon as the weather warms up and that you can get started on doing right away.

Wash Your Windows

Now that the flowers will be blooming and the birds will be perched here and there singing, always wash your home’s windows to make sure you can see everything clearly. While a time-consuming task, getting this one out of the way early on will be a major accomplishment.

It is likely as well that your windows have a built up of dirt from winter snow. Washing them off now will make it easier if you also like to wash them in the fall as there will be less grime and water stains to clean off.

house cleaning supplieswindow cleaning squeegee

      some cleaning supplies to consider      

Clean out the Garage

Over the winter, it probably became easy to store this and that in your garage. Now that it’s spring and you will be needing your camping equipment, golf clubs, and other outdoor items, clear out the clutter from your garage. By doing so, you’ll be able to find everything easily, rather than try to navigate a narrow path to sift through piles of junk.

Consider setting items aside to have a spring garage sale, or designate piles for donating or throwing away. Get the whole family involved to help decide what stays and what goes and even organize areas of the garage where each family member can store their fun summer toys.

Clean Your Gutters

Since you don’t have to worry about snow and ice for the next few months, get your ladder out and clean your gutters. By getting leaves and other debris out of there, you’ll make sure your gutters stay in top shape.

It’s important to make sure your gutters are clear so that they are working properly for any spring rainstorms that might come your way. While up there, take a look at your roof as well, since you may be considering standing seam roofing.

gutter guardsgutter cleaning tools

      some gutter maintenance to consider      

Put Away the Winter Clothes

To give your closets the look and feel of spring, spend some time putting away your winter clothing and pulling out your warm weather outfits. Not only will this let you know for sure spring is here, but it will also give your closet a whole new look and feel.

By storing your seasonal clothing and rotating out certain pieces, it can also help you save money by making you feel like you are constantly getting new clothes to wear throughout the year.

Spruce up Your Yard

Finally, gather your family and maybe a friend or two and spend that first warm weekend of spring sprucing up your yard. From raking up stray leaves to perhaps planting a few new flowers here and there, getting your yard back in top condition to start the new season will put a smile on your face.

Plan the right time to aerate and fertilize your lawn, depending on when the next big rainstorm will be. The more work you put in early on, the better your yard will look for the entire year.

Since you will have plenty of other projects ahead of you during the spring and summer, getting these tasks done at the beginning of spring will leave you time to work as well as play.

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