Why the Retail Cleaning Industry Isn’t Happy About Steam Cleaners

Why the Retail Cleaning Industry Isn’t Happy About Steam Cleaners
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    Have you heard of steam cleaning?

    It's a type of household cleaning that's essential if you or your loved ones have allergies or weak immune systems.


The steam itself is generated from tap water, so there’s no need to buy toxic and costly chemicals.

When Should  Steam Cleaning be Done?

Over time, mites and microbes can form from dust. These things are harmful to people, but especially to those with allergies or weak immune systems.

Do you wonder why you still seem to suffer badly from allergies even after doing your best to keep your rugs and couches clean?

Well, the truth is that retail products cannot compete with a professional steam cleaning. Steam cleaning has been clinically proven to kill germs, bacteria and dust mites quicker than chemicals.

Benefits of Professional Steam Cleaning

Why must steam cleaning be done by a professional you ask? Because too much water can damage the fabric (especially if the fabric is very absorbent), which can make it look worse than before; and, a qualified professional knows how to properly monitor water absorption.

In addition to helping allergy sufferers and those with weak immune systems, steam cleaning can increase the lifespan of many household items. Even though other products can be used to clean various household items, steam cleaning done by an expert is among the most powerful methods. Nothing can expel dirt and debris better than a proper steam cleaning.

Again, why not use chemicals instead of steam cleaning? Well for one, steam is safe for almost all surfaces; chemicals aren’t. Chemicals can damage carpets and upholstery, whereas the steam flow controller ensures that a safe and adequate amount of steam pressure will be applied to all surfaces.

To sum it all up, steam cleaning has no side effects, and it’s more effective than cleaning with chemicals. There’s only the slight chance of getting burned by the steam, which is another reason why you should hire a professional steam cleaner, for your own safety.

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How to Choose a Professional Steam Cleaner

Just be sure that you get a qualified steam cleaner that has a license and certificates of excellence in the cleaning industry. This will show that they’re up to date with the latest techniques in the cleaning industry.


Steam cleaning is a safe and eco friendly solution that won’t damage the health of those in the household.

Professional steam cleaners provide the best cleaning solutions for a wide variety of different stains.

Steam cleaning also has more uses than just for furniture. The applications of steam cleaning are nearly endless. This is why steam cleaning is better than any other cleaning solution on the retail market; it’s a one stop solution for almost all of your cleaning needs.



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