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Tips to Procure Cheap Carpets

Tweet The fabric and the intricate work that goes on to make a carpet determine its price. Generally, the terms “carpet” and “rug” are used interchangeably. However, there is a

Energy Savings

Is Your House Green Enough? A Guide to Creating an Eco-Friendly Living Space

Tweet That’s a two-fold situation well worth pursuing. Stay Cool and Keep Warm You can lose a lot of cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter


How to Choose Proper Flooring during a Renovation

Tweet You can deal with the situation either on the basis of separate rooms or you can go with one uniform solution for your entire home, barring bathrooms of course.

Home Interior

Staying Put: Your Small Fortune and Home Improvement

Tweet No matter the reason, now is a good time to look at your current home with fresh eyes and decide which updates would benefit it the most. And that

Home Decor

5 Kid-Friendly Floor Ideas and Your Home

Tweet Speaking of flooring, there are certain ways that you can decorate a child’s bedroom in a bid to maintain its looks and keep your children safe. 1. Opt for

Home Buying-Home Selling

Extreme Staging for Home Sellers

Tweet She sees the clutter and you see a lived in home, but what you both may be missing is that only extreme staging will sell your home. Read on

Rec Room

How to Improve the Family Rec Room

Tweet If you plan on entertaining over the coming months, the following tips can help you improve your rec room space. 1. Your equipment. No rec room is complete without


How to Remove Old Carpeting

Tweet A Saturday morning DIY project. If your rooms have wood flooring underneath, you may want to consider getting rid of your carpeting and exposing your floors only. Please read


Basement Finishing Tips and Tricks

Tweet Read on for some tips and tricks to get this valuable, but underused area of your home ready for use. 1. Ensure that it is dry. Basements have a

Home Renovation

Floor Covering and Your Home Renovation Plans

Tweet One area that is easy to overlook is your flooring. You may not purposefully be neglecting this area of your house, thinking that this job will get done as


Basement Rec Room Considerations

If you’re fortunate to have a basement or its more basic cousin, a cellar, then that is one area in your home that may be underutilized if it is used at all. The advantage of having this space is that it is already there.

General Home Decor

Simple, but Profound Home Entryway Renovation Tips

Tweet One of the first impressions visitors get when stepping in your home is your entranceway. When nicely decorated, this section of your home can do more to invite your


Simple Steps to Turn Your Garage Into a Room

Tweet If you have an attached garage, you have in-home space just waiting to be converted into a room. Homeowners looking for additional living space may resort to turning a


Flooring Materials: Making the Right Choice

Tweet You have many choices available when considering flooring materials along with variations based on color, size, styles and cost. Quality of materials is important too which means you must